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  1. Sigh, it's like ending a great book. Your travel log had me laughing out loud, filled my eyes with tears and kept me utterly engaged. Welcome home and thank you for sharing.
  2. Todd I am enjoying every word of your journey log. What an incredible experience it is just to read about it, I can't imagine actually living it.
  3. What else was announced that you're excited to see? I can't see the lineup.
  4. Went tonight and I give it an 11/10. Incredible. I also had the combo platter with coleslaw and cornbread. Mmmmm. If there was any room in my belly I would have certainly ordered the chocolate chilli bacon ice cream. Next time.
  5. *Drool* That sounds amazing.
  6. I'm looking for a couple pieces of art. Definitely post some pics and their sizes. I have always loved the spirit of your work.
  7. I thought this was interesting. Evolution of Food on TV
  8. I've never been, but this is by my new office and kids are consantly coming and going.. Fun Haven
  9. My band Dirty Little Secret is looking for a new bass player. We're a blues influenced, rock cover band (but open to doing originals if you have some!) We practice 1-2 times per week in Chelsea and gig 1-2 times per month in the Ottawa area. PM me if you or anyone you know might be interested. DLS Website Facebook Page
  10. I would like an extra ticket. If one is still available, can you PM me?
  11. Update - The opener will be Todd AND Doug. Even better!
  12. AMAZING NEWS! Todd Snelgrove (a.k.a Velvet) will be doing an opening acoustic set for us on Sunday the 18th. Woot woot! Love that boy! Come on out and love him to! He's on at 9pm.
  13. Dirty Little Secret is playing an acoustic set and an electric set. We'll go on around 9. I hope to see some familiar faces out! dirtylittlesecretband.com
  14. Todd or BradM, can I get a set list from last night? Also - USE ME!!! Wow, great version guys.
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