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OK guys here it is. I had trouble finding a decent pool system that we didn't have to pay for. This one should work. Go to www.tomandian.com and check out the 2002 Playoff Pool link. We have ten people ready to go, but the hitch is- you have to set up your team by tomorrow at 6pm!!!

Once you all get your teams set tomorrow I will set out the winning amounts of cds we will have to send (it will be based on the # of entries).

Once you login check out the Phish Sanctuary 2002 Playoff Pool......

Good Luck!

General Rules:

Each general manager must draft a complete team on or before the team submission deadline (17th April 2002 at 6pm EST (before any games are played)). No teams will be accepted after the deadline.

You will have 8000 'points' available to draft a team.

A Team consists of 12 Forwards, 6 Defense and 2 Goalies.

There will be no trading option for the playoffs.

Scoring System:

For each player on your team, you will collect the following points throughout the NHL Playoffs (starting with the first game of round one and ending with the Stanley Cup finals).

Skaters: Statistic Points

G 10

A 6

PPG +6

SHG +8


+/- 2

Goalies: Statistic Points

W 20

T 10

GA -1

SO +10

How to Pick Your Team:

As stated above, you will have 8000 'points' to draft 12 Forwards, 6 Defense and 2 Goalies. Each player has a cost that was determined based on past seasons performance as well as the current seasons performance. The cost of players has been discounted based on the ranking of different teams in their conference (as of 10th April 2002). Players on teams that finished first in their conference cost 100% of their nominal value - 2nd and 3rd cost 95%, 4th and 5th cost 90%, 6th and 7th cost 85% and players on 8th place teams cost 80%. Note that this discount has already been applied to the players cost in the team selection screen.

Before you enter a team, you must register as a user. If you have played in the TomAndIan.com Football or Hockey pools this year, you can use the username/password you previously created. If you have forgotten your username/password, please use our "Forgot Password" feature. If you still cannot get your old login, please email us at webmaster@tomandian.com.

If you have never played in a TomAndIan.com pool before, choose the "Sign Up" link on the left. This will allow you to create a new account that you will be able to use for this and all future pools. Please note that the information you provide us is only for our use and we would never sell it or disclose it to third parties (read our privacy policy).

Once you have logged in to the pool, you should see a series of links under "General Manager" on the left. The first link is "Select my Team". If you click this link, you will see a set of frames on the right hand side of the screen. Along the top will be the letters of the alphabet and "skaters" and "goalies" radio buttons. If you select either skaters or goalies and then click on a letter of the alphabet, you will see players names appear.

Beside each player's name is a checkbox. Clicking it will add that player to your team. Clicking it again will remove the player. All of the players that you pick will be listed on the left of your screen. For each player, their position and team is listed. The Cost column represents the cost of the player if you choose them. The Games represents the number of games that the player played during the 2001/2002 regular season. The Points column represents the cost of the player before the discount was applied. The Weight column indicates the discount applied to the player based on where their team finished (see above).

Once you have the correct number of players that fit within the allowed point cost limit, a button labelled Enter will appear. Click this button and your team will be submitted to us. You can submit as many teams as you want but only the last team submitted before the deadline will be the one accepted. Please do not create multiple users.

Please have your team in to us by no later than Wednesday, April 17th 2002 at 6pm EST.

A few days later, the pool should be running. You can check the standings page every day and see how well you are doing - the standings are updated each morning. From time to time they may not be updated correctly, but don't panic as all your points will be counted in the final standings.

Sub Pools:

Like the regular season, you will have the ability to create "sub-pools" for the 2002 NHL playoff pool. You could use a sub-pool to maintain a separate contest with your friends or co-workers. If you create a sub-pool, we will create a separate standings page for you that will list the scores and rankings of the people who join your sub-pool.

To create a sub-pool, you must have an account and be logged in (see above). Under the general manager heading on the left, you will see three links - "Create a SubPool", "Enter a SubPool" and "What SubPools have I entered?". If you click on "Create a SubPool", you will can enter a name for your sub-pool and provide a password that will be used by others to enter the sub-pool. You are automatically entered in any sub-pools that you create.

You can provide that pool name and password to anyone you want to join your sub-pool. If they log in and click on the "Enter a SubPool" link, select your pool and enter the correct password, they will be added to the sub-pool for the playoffs. You will be able to create sub-pools for a few days after the submission deadline, so don;t worry about having the pool created by then. Please only create a sub-pool if you have a group of people that are interested in joining it and try to keep the names in good taste.

Other Rules:

If anyone is tied after the end of the playoffs, ties will be resolved in favour of the team with the most goals scored. If two teams are still tied after that, then they will be considerd 'tied' in the final standings.

Final interpretation of the rules are left open to Tom and Ian. Any disputes of any kind over scoring, etc. will be settled by Tom and Ian at our own discretion.

Technical Requirements:

To pick a team and participate in the pool, all you need is internet access and a JavaScript and cookie-enabled web browser (JavaScript and cookies are enabled by default on most browsers). For best results, we recommend using Netscape 3.0 (or later) or IE 4.0 (or later). In this day and age, people should have been operating with at least these versions for a couple of years! Earlier versions of these browsers (especially IE) have very buggy JavaScript implementations, and so they may not work properly when trying to pick a team.

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