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  1. There are all kinds of rumors flying around about Chris and Rich talking again leading to the inevitable TBC reunion talk.
  2. Sure I remember it but it doesn't even stick in my mind as a music festival. Ain't no shame in that I guess, considering it was just Ja Rule and Blink 182 and some djs. That would be like calling the alley behind Queen St W an art gallery because there is a Banksy there
  3. Wasn't at all a dig on you, I just like the word Poughkeepsie.
  4. Now Michael Lang says the show will go on. But the financial backer says not so. This could be the worst publicity ploy ever devised.
  5. This is now being widely reported, not just in Poughkeepsie
  6. I know your feelings on The Hold Steady so I can't wait for you to have to listen to the new Craig Finn album! Joe is a part of The Uptown Controllers band on the new record.
  7. I have a pair for sale for the Montreal show.
  8. If this was the Bluefest lineup, we'd be freaking out! Loads of good stuff in there but not enough to get me back to The Glen with 60,000 others.
  9. I'm super excited that these shows are announced and they soften the market for Mohegan Sun.
  10. I guess this show didn't sell as well right out of the gate as they hoped it would.
  11. That's the attitude! I feel the same way.... if they were playing like shit it would be easier to get a ticket.
  12. Its a small place, its my brothers local arena and he said shows there are killer and that the last row is like lower 300's at MSG. If you don't end up going I will take them! I already have on site hotels booked
  13. Got Dicks Fields through PTBM. Originally due to charges on my card I thought I also had Mohegan Sun but I forgot about the crazy exchange rate. Shut out for both Mohegan this morning, even with 4 people running codes. One person had 4 nice seats for night 1 but the sale didn't go through before resetting the Queue #. Got 203 Row E for Toronto. I think I picked a bad day for my physical, I'm hopped up on caffeine and TM nerves!
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