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Bonjerno everybody!!

I'm in Venizia!! Could anyone do me a favour? Could someone please wash their face and drive to Ferezia? Thanks, I'm at the Hotel Silva.

After a beatiful ride through the mtns of swisserlund and italy i have arrived in Venice. We have to plan a group trip here when it's their jazzfest. It would probably be cheaper that going to New Orleans. Jebus it's good damn beautifulko here.

Yesterday, I rollled a fatty before i got on the train in Zurich, stilll feeling good when i got to the border of Italy, where the border collies didn't even want to see my passport, at first.

But at the next stop, i jumped off the train to take a pic of the MONZA sign and the train, (im not sure why) then jumped back on. I now remember hearing a whistle. Well i guess i got a couple of cops in the shot and a few minutes later, 3 of 'em where standing over me, demanding my passport and ready to boot me off of a moving train!! yeeeps.

See ya'll soon.

Days of You is going to be bigger than the Beatles. You heard it from me first, and I'm a big ole DoYhead. Oh yeah, Buddy Up!


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