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nerolog, Stardate 051602


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Stardate 051602

nero opening for Recipe Frome A Small Planet @ Steamers, Victoria, British


How pleasant it is to wake up in a real live house with real live internet

and real live showers and real live cereal for breakfast. And surprise

surprise, Jay's girlfriend was secretly waiting at his aunt's house here in

Victoria! All was a cause for celebration and I spent most of my day

internetting and playing Blink 182 songs with Jay's neice and nephew.

Steamers is a pretty nice place with a cheap hotel attached. We asked for

an extra cot to be sent up and they brought a bedroll that would be shamed

by a half decent comforter. And I lost the rockpaperscissors. Hooked up

with the Recipe guys, had dinner and prepared for the show. nero sounded

great and the soundguy was a blessing. More like him (Simon) and the Cambie

guy please. Recipe tore it up too, and a pretty good crowd was there to

enjoy it. Funny thing, before the show I was introduced to Craig, our west

coast booking agent, and neither I nor Shane had a clue that he was who he

was. Around 1:30am Dave hipped us out and it was one of those, "Ohhh, THAT

Craig..." Some manager I am. Anyway, everybody got pretty smashed and we

went walking along the water until all hours. I came close to trying to

catch an eel for $150, but my humanitarian side kicked in.

Quote of the Day: "Hi Craig Bytheway, I'm Todd."


Chocolate Monkey Machine

Wata Bug


401 Theme


*w/ Steve From RFASP on keys

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