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  1. Oops...I might should almost take that post down. Thinking we'll make it after all.
  2. Thankfully no, but thanks.
  3. (I am no longer selling the tickets - hope to see y'all at the show!)
  4. He referenced/previewed that in the last Alpine show. Like the "You're fuckin' here you're fuckin' there..." which he did at last night Mohegan Sun. In-show product placement.
  5. Gotta admit, it's somewhat admirable that they are sticking solely to band that are mimicking bands that played at Woodstock. I guess I'm saying it's nice that they have a theme.
  6. Just saw Wild T and the Spirit in Banff in April. I was happily surprised that he was still around and doing his thing (which isn't a Hendrix tribute). I saw him a couple of times in the late '80's or so.
  7. I liked it a lot, but I think I would like a movie about Fish, Mike or Page even more.
  8. Just finished a little six night run and it was fabulous. Special mention goes to the monster Fenway set and both Mohegan Sun shows. Great times with good friends, which is a lot of what Phish is about. Oh, and Toronto was the very definition of great times with good friends.
  9. Terrible venue, you say? Do tell... (extra points for info regarding onsite camping)
  10. Edger, feel free to stop and pick us up at the Stay Inn on your way by... See y'all in Toronto tomorrow! Lawns forever!
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