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  1. Velvet

    Happy birthday Bouche

    Happy Birthday good sir!
  2. Velvet

    Ottawa: Jerry Garcia Vinyl Night - Wed Aug 8

    I went last time and I gotta say, I could barely notice it was happening. I thought the music was not nearly loud enough, I had no idea where you were actually spinning from, and there seemed to be a distinct lack of anyone I recognized from the Ottawa Dead scene on hand. That said, if it's a nice night I'll probably make it out to this one too. Hope to see some of you there!
  3. Velvet

    Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread

    I was shocked at how much I liked DMB. The horns added a lot. Great band.
  4. Velvet

    Neil Young Announces Solo Shows (very quietly)

    Sounds great!
  5. Velvet

    A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa

    I hear they just added DSO. Now who's going?
  6. Velvet

    A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa

    I'm guessing that this will flop but as time turns elastic I continually find evidence that proves that I know nothing about the music business. Maybe this festival will prove me right about being wrong, but I doubt it. Now, if this fest was being held somewhere much more rural where people had little or no access to actual real-live touring famous musicians, well then this fest might be a winner.
  7. Velvet

    A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa

    It's fun to see everyone try to look like everyone they aren't in the pictures.
  8. Velvet

    Neil Young Announces Solo Shows (very quietly)

    Thanks for the heads up! In for Detroit!
  9. Some people have written to mention that they didn't find a "comment" area in which to write in the word "recorder". That's strange, because I do, but no worries: all donations coming in for the next couple of weeks will be dedicated to purchasing recorders. Thanks Mike, and thanks everyone!
  10. Velvet

    Ottawa Deadheads: Come Celebrate Barton Hall

    Never heard of the place until just now. Sounds like fun.
  11. Velvet

    Extracts from Sean Penn's novel

    God bless Jim Henson for abhorring alliteration. I would have a hard time worshipping Freddy the Frog or Mikey Monster.
  12. Velvet

    Ottawa Bluesfest 2018 Official Thread

    My gawd, if Bob Wiseman would sit in with Blue Rodeo I might actually be able to generate some excitement. And/or if they had a mechanical bull onstage.
  13. Cool. https://www.blogto.com/music/2018/03/ttc-concert-lower-bay-subway-toronto/
  14. Velvet

    Ottawa Jazz Festival

    Herbie Hancock Alison Krauss Bela Fleck & the Flecktones Jerry Douglas Boz Scaggs Jerry Granelli with Robben Ford Tanya Tagaq Sure, they probably spent less than usual this year, but that's some pretty good music. Too bad Kamasi Washington isn't coming back. I might have to go to Montreal Jazz Fest for his set.
  15. Velvet

    Ottawa Jazz Festival

    Hooray! https://ottawajazzfestival.com