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For those going to Darien Lake...........

Northern Wish

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I am originally from the area, so here is some info that may help............

A cab would cost a buttload. It is about 20- 25 miles up the I90 towards Rochester, and then its another 15 miles or so into Darien (south I think). And depending on traffic, that 15 miles can take 2 hours or more. Get there early this place is in the country and roads are one lane each way, so traffic backs up like The Hip at Molson Park by 2:00pm.

If you have to cab, get out at the I90 exit and walk or hitch in, it won't be hard and will save you at least 50% of that cab fare.

Oh yeah, and there is no way in hell there will be taxis around to take you back after the show.

And be careful at the border, the last time I crossed at the Peace Bridge was a nightmare. If you look at a map it is way lower key to go over the bridge at the Queenston/ Lewiston bridge and then take the highway across the Grand Island to Buffalo, which spits you out on the south end of the city anyway which is the direction you are traveling. This will take around 5- 10 minutes longer.... but you miss out on:

1) endless OPP patrols on the QEW heading into Fort Erie (speedtraps run all the way from Stone Road in Niagara Falls to Sodom Rd.)

2) guards on high alert at the Peace Bridge

3) nightmare Saturday traffic at the bridge and on the way home they are now allowed legally to stop inembriated drivers with only suspicion (and after concerts they pull over everyone)

4) hordes of other heading to the show and raising eyebrows

oh yeah, and you could stop for some killer wings in Niagara Falls........

Hope this all helps. The lots in Darien are super chill, but also watch out for downtowners peddling fake goods.......


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