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nerolog, Stardate 052002


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nero @ The Boot, Whistler, British Columbia

After a final (for this tour) trek across beautiful Highway 4, we bid farewell

to the Island and hit the ferry. Shane had called dibs on this drive, so I had

a nice break. Damn pretty drive up the Sea to Sky highway, and bang, we're in

Whistler. The hotel was connected to the bar, a feature I'm very fond of, and

we took turns between taking showers and reading the local papers. Whistler

press was good for us - there was a major story about nero in all three papers.

The bar is pretty cool, great soundguy. Probably the best sound so far on the

tour. Lots of connections at this gig; Shane's old babysitter and a couple of

friends formerly from Ottawa. The guys played great and the crowd (there was

actually a bit of a crowd at this show) seemed to really dig it. It's safe to

say that we all got pretty loaded after/during (me) the show, and in true R&R

style we puffed a few on the bus and went to bed right after the second set.

That's okay though, 'cuz we have a day off coming and we're coming back to

Whistler for it. Hopefully we'll be ready to party then.

Quote of the Day: "I'm trying to avoid that guy because he's an asshole, but

I'm still attracted to him. God, I've been such a slut lately keeping my mind

off of him. What do you think I should do?"


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