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nero w/ Cherrybomb @ Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Wasted the day internetting at my freinds place and set out for the bar early.

The Backstage is on Granville Island, which I don't think is really an island,

but it certainly is a fun place to window shop. The bar was cool, set up to

make money off the shopping tourists, but has live music six nights a week and

is owned by the attached theatre, who uses the bar to offset the outrageous

costs of running a live theatre company. More places should steal this concept

and we'd haved more thespianage going on.

The soundguy comes and finds us. Now here's a walking cliche. Fuckthis

fuckthat flashlight fannypack cigarette baseball hat move this I'm mic-ing that.

Worked with Prism and Dr. Hook. I started asking him all about working with my

late 70's heroes and we warmed up to each other real quick. This guy was

thorough and energetic, real nice and he carried our gear. This was the only

soundguy I had ever seen (and I've seen many) who systematically disinfected all

the microphones. That blew me away.

Cherrybomb is three pretty girls fronting a hired bass and drums who play good,

radio friendly stuff. No reason why these ladies aren't on half the radio

stations in the world. They also did a neat arrangment of Time After Time by

Cindi Lauper. The one on the left was wearing a teeny-tiny little skirt and

garter that could make them famous.

Actually had a good crowd of cool kids out for this show, including a guy who

was reviewing it. nero played really well, even got the Cherrybomb mini-skirt

dancing. Funny thing, the Cherrybombs had a feedback problem throughout their

set, and nero had a crackle going on in their set. Well, at least the soundguy

disinfected the mics.

Decided to spend the night at Shane's grandma's place in Surrey. Got there

around 4am and there she was, up and waiting with pie. Very cool lady. In the

morning there was cereal and bacon and eggs and fruit salad for us. There was

no decaf, so I had a beer with breakfast, grandma's that cool. We started doing

our laundry but it was taking too long so she billeted it out to others in the

building. There were three washing machines in the building washing road stench

from our clothes.

Here was our day off! Woo-hoo, first one in two weeks. We went to Whistler

and hooked up with friends there who scored us a sweet suite for $50. The four

of us polished off a 40 of CC and we hit the dance bars. Our host was buying

the drinks (mainly Jagar and tequila shots) and things got messy. Dave and I

called a toaster contest at the first bar and I think I won 'cuz I still don't

remember anything after telling a girl I had a gun and would she help me rob the

place at the second bar. I woke up alone and without thousands of dollars in my

pocket so I guess it worked neither as a pickup line nor a business venture.

We woke up really late and dishevelled. Days off can be murder.

Quote of the Day: "Boing."

401 Theme

Speed Queen

Miko Mard>

Holetown Charlie>

Joseph's B&E Bananza


Peaches en Regalia

Chocolate Monkey Machine

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