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Cheap booze vs BAD music


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Once again a few of us tried out the reggae night at Dekcuf.... All I can say is that it is a damm good thing drinks are that cheap. cause those bands SUCK!! Sometimes it is almost as much fun to cut up a bad band than listen to a good one, especialy when accompanied by the wit of Hood and Stapes.

How can any self respecting rasta butcher so many Marley songs... troubling.....

Thank god for Hood and Stapes, you guys are much more entertaining that Milly Vanilly Marley.

The best part of the night was listening to the band tear eachother up after their set. I thought there was gonna be a fight on the pourch...


Guess who's coming to dinner? > Ole Ole

Made my ears bleed!!!!!!


Our new friend Rasta John teaching us the Jamaican sigh to tell a band they suck...

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I've been thinking of taking in one of these nights (and after your post, doubleB, I may back off from that position...), so have a couple of questions:

- What time does it usually start/end?

- How many sets?

- How packed is/was it?

- What's the scene like in Dekcuf and/or on the patio? How many people? How, uh, "cloudy" does it get in Dekcuf and/or on the patio?



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guess who's coming to dinner....!!!! HAH!!!

now that's a crime....lol

can't wait to use the "get de fuck off da stage u bloodclot!" moves jonathon taught us!!

haha...and the guy outside (lead singer of the 2nd band) acting all molested like a 15 year old girl being felt up for the first time at a drive-in [Eek!] because the other dude truthfully told him they sucked raggadick.

"i murder the bloodclot! murder...i go back to jamaica mon, i get deported mon...murder!!...murder the bloodclot!"

"i'm an international star mon...who he tink he is da bloodclot!?!"

it sounds kinda harsh but they were just a bunncha whiners outside i think.

i also remember them apologizing about not being able to practice enough while they were onstage??? haha -- pathetic.

anyways the company made for an interesting night despite the lack of decent music.

thankyou Brad for the phat# afterwards [Cool]

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"Raggadick" hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I think it starts around 10. Get there early becuase once the bass player from Raggamuffin leaves the stage, it is all down hill.

Attendance was sparse... maybe 20 people. Lots of room on the patio and extra attention from Jody.... there are a few perks

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