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  1. bradm

    Epic Covers

    An Indonesian group has covered "Insurrection" by Ottawa's The Souljazz Orchestra: Aloha, Brad
  2. Five years ago tonight: https://archive.org/details/nero2012-10-27.oktava.flac16 nero - (live recording) 2012-10-27, Mavericks, Ottawa, ON Aloha, Brad
  3. Ten years ago tonight: https://archive.org/details/ween2007-10-26.oktava.shnf Ween - (live recording) 2007-10-26, Sound Academy, Toronto, ON Next up, also from that night: https://archive.org/details/dlauzon2007-10-26.oktava.shnf David Lauzon - (live recording) 2007-10-26, The Dominion On Queen, Toronto, ON Aloha, Brad
  4. Five years ago tonight: https://archive.org/details/um2012-10-24.oktava.flac16 Umphrey's McGee - (live recording) 2012-10-24, The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON Aloha, Brad
  5. https://archive.org/details/huron2010-10-09.oktava.flac16 Huron - (live recording) 2010-10-09, Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa, ON Aloha, Brad
  6. https://archive.org/details/espanola2011-06-03.oktava.flac16 Espanola - (live recording) 2011-06-03, Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa, ON Aloha, Brad
  7. Here's a sample, what will be the lead-off track to the new album: https://soundcloud.com/mash1/20-million Aloha, Brad
  8. The New Shady Groove - (live recording) 2006-09-18, Mavericks, Ottawa, ON Aloha, Brad
  9. The cover charge is $10 at the door. Aloha, Brad
  10. The New Shady Groove - (live recording) 2004-06-11, Mavericks, Ottawa, ON Aloha, Brad
  11. My audio recording of the show is now available for free downloading and streaming: https://archive.org/details/bumpinbinary2017-10-06.ca-14.flac16 Enjoy! Aloha, Brad
  12. My recording of Death Cake is now available for free downloading and streaming: https://archive.org/details/deathcake2017-10-05.ca-14.flac16 Enjoy! Aloha, Brad
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