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Headlines - Am. Nomad infilitrates CANADA

american nomad

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On Monday, Canadian Authorities along with the Canadian Coast Guard, Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police tighted security at all border crossing points along the Great Lakes. Rumors began to surface about the American Nomad and Nomadess' intention to cross the border into Canada to attend the Phil Lesh and Friends and Jazz Mandolin Projects concerts this week. When Canadian Authorities were contacted for comment, they stated that "these two American travelers have been specifically picked out because of their ability to draw friendly, hippie / hippie-like Canadians from their homes to gather in a peaceful manner." the authorities further went on to say that they did not want "these types of Americans infecting our citizens." When a Canadian citizen was asked about how they felt, one Canadian said "If they make it across, it is going to be one hell of a party!" Stay tuned to this and all local stations for continued coverage as this story unfolds. Reporting live from the Sanctuary.

Let's get crazy.

Peace Through Music,

Robb and Jessica

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