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  1. NW, say the word and the dogs and I will drive on out to Baytown for a boozy pinball weekend!
  2. Herbie hancock is on my bucket list bigtime!
  3. DUDE! I'm there.....and then in Ottawa for the long weekend after that to throw down on my birthday. Look the fuck out, ya'll......someone arrange a Gad-danged house party ferchristsakes!
  4. I went to the bradm well on the archive tonight after work to delve into just how much time and effort this man has put into spreading his love of music. The list of recordings is staggering. https://archive.org/search.php?query=bradm&sort=-publicdate Friends, there are 831 individual concert recording in Brad's Archive. Soak that in. Click the link and have a look at the shear number of bands he's seen and the incredible distances that it must have taken him. It truly was his passion and now is a legacy that I am positive each and every one of us would be honoured to call our own. I'll be honouring and remembering Brad with a gigantic smile for years and years to come because of this amazing gift that he has bestowed upon the music world. My first bradm Archival smile came tonight as I chose this show: https://archive.org/details/nero2002-12-21.sbd.shnf I am pretty sure that this was Punk's first show with nero. As I listened to Carol of Bells in the second set I could distinctly hear drunk-as-fuck Schwa. coming through the recording loud and clear.....fuck you, my voice carries, ok?! LOL. I couldn't help but picture Brad standing by his rig just grimacing and wishing that this loud guy would just bugger off and stop jibbering over his recording. Sorry BRO!!! Personally, and I think I speak for a lot of my friends here, I mourn tragic events like this but there is far greater merit in celebrating a life force like Brad once it has left us. I'll be keeping brad in my heart through memories like this one.
  5. I'm floored. Love that guy. Nicest guy you could meet. Had some memorable nights hangin' back at his rig watching shows. Very sad day.
  6. He's back alive now....shoddy reporting on a ginormous level....You should still get drunk though, buddy. It still looks bleak.
  7. I played a wedding last night with the Good Brothers. Pretty cool.
  8. fuck all that. you spelled Curmudgeon wrong, dipshit. ^^^now THAT'S a Curmudgeon!!! LOL
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