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anyone into an NFL pool?


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I have started an NFL pool for anyone who is interested in playing. There is no registration fee. The only thing is everyone who plays must be willing to send the overall season winner 1 show from their list. Here is the link:


On the Join League page, select your name from the drop-down

list. If you don't see your name, select "New Player" and

click Submit.

You will need a SportsLine.com member ID and password to

access the pool. If you aren't a SportsLine.com member, you

can sign up for free.

Email me if you have any questions.

Lets get ready for some football!

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Doug, we've got one going. From a previous post:

Come one, come all!!!!

There is currently a league forming for Fantasy NFL Football 2002. We have around 5 users so far and anyone else is welcome to join. We haven't yet decided if it is going to be a payout pool (one show per entrant), but we can talk about that later.

Go to www.thesportingnews.com

Register with a user name and password.

The Fantasy Football League name is:

Canadian Phootball League

The password is:



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Yeah I tried that one. I got to the sporting news site ok, got signed up ok, but couldnt find this league for some reason. I wound upbeing signed into a league I didnt really want to be in. Any idea what went wrong? I would still be interested joining. The league I set up is strictly a pick the weekly winners confidence pool- not one where you pick players.

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