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drums and tuba May 24


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Thought this was funny, sorry if it was posted already.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Brian: It has come to my attention that we have been completely remiss in maintaining the journal on this tour. The other night when Tony and I were at this festival in Durham, ONT and it was freakin' freezin' and there were a bunch of hippies running around a mock-up of a western ghost town and people were crowding around a huge bonfire and the stage was covered in dust (which is still all over my equipment) and all my chords barely bent because they were practically frozen and my face almost stuck to my tuba because the metal of the thing was somewhere in the thirty degree range Tony mentioned to me that we really should have some one filming a documentary of the strange worlds we enter night after night after night.

Oh, I forgot to mention following a guy in a wheel chair (the promoter) down a dirt road in our van. Definitely surreal.

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