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who wants to go to bermuda???

Greg Hemmings

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Hey y'all...im heading to bermuda on friday to scout out the possibilities of having an off shore jam fest in Bermuda...the Bus and JSB are hopefully going to be providing the grooves, i also spoke to tala about it. It would be the first week of may..might be a bit expensive (around 1000 bucks maybe, ) ill let you know the price in 2 weeks...would anybody be interested in this idea? And if there are any other bands who would like to tag alongas openers let me know..youd just have to pay thats all, I wont be able to fund this, but at least ill be able to get us a venue..and we would be cruising on Celebrity Cruises Horizon out of NYC

Let me know !!!!!

Take care y'all!@!!!

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