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Passenger in Etobicoke Friday


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Passenger will be playing at JR's in Etobicoke on Friday September 20th ...

Passenger’s music has elements of funk, R&B soul, folk, reggae and jazz musics More specifically one could say that , Little Feat, Neville Brothers, Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, Parliament/Funkadelic, Sly and the Family , Motown, Bob Dylan, Hendrix, Bob Marley, the Allman Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Bill Withers, and others of that ilk, have all had a profound influence on this music.

lots of heavy psychedelic funk jams

Passenger is consists of Jim Slansky (guitar and vox), Sam Cino (drums and vox), Jason Raso (bass guitar) and Brent Rowan (alto sax)

hope to see you there...

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Hey Weezy

for sure there's a Dead influence...but the name comes from the train of thought that we are all Passengers on board the good ship Mother Earth and if we keep that in mind good things happen..good music..good times

try these two sites for downloads...keep rockin...Jim

our website: has a goucple of downloads


Please Note: to listen to mp3s of Passenger's music go to my IUMA website…just hit the link below…cheers!


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Hey Monkey man...here's our setlist from Frontier Town...Come together Festival...Labour Day weekend Sunday...

we had a blast and hope to do that again soon...it was about a third originals..two thirds covers...we didn't do any Dead tunes that day...but we've been known to play...Lovelight, Not Fade Away, goin Down the road, Mr Charlie and Boogie on Reggae woman into Franklin's tower...here's the list...our website is listed in the previous post if you want to listen to some studio stuff...Peace!

-Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

-Will it Go Round Circles - Billy Preston

-Talk With Me – J Slansky/passenger

-Cissy Strut – Meters

-Golfing Song-Jim Slansky/passenger

-A go-go – John Scofield

-Brand New Game- Jim Slansky/Passenger

-Voodoo – Neville Brothers

-Howling at the Moon-Jim slansky/Passenger

-Use Me - Bill Withers

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