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  1. Big ticket? I think it's about time they shell out and get Neil Young! Also- If this Kinks reunion is real, GET THEM!
  2. Furthur didn't seem entirely disastrous bad to me. Must've been at least 4000 on the pitch. You would think Monahan would consider Widespread Panic the 'Hippy Disaster' night.. that was a dark evening, turnout wise. Attendance at the main stage felt like it maxed out at 300 peeps.
  3. Thanks Edger! It was nice seeing a lot of music- it's been a while. Appreciate you reading them!
  4. Thursday night featured an unusual, eclectic pairing both satisfying and surreal in downtown Ottawa. Enjoying the last reasonable summer weather before a looming heat-wave, revelers arrived early in anticipation of glimpsing something elusive and jazzy floating into the scene: an overweight pink animal in tilted hat and shades. Once I arrived, the scene was set.... for the rare.... storied elegance of the infamous, grass fed.... Kyla Ramsey. (Full disclosure: My wife has been an amazing co-conspirator this past week, often developing some of the finer turns of phrase in these reviews: Ch
  5. Alison Krauss packed Marion Dewar Plaza with the most attentive crowd I've seen in recent memory. Though a little bit quiet through the main speakers, and muddled by wine-tent yakking, the audience tried their best to catch every breath and fiddle twiddle the songstress shared. Her band was comprised of Nashville magicians, softly singly sweet songs of love and sorrow in unmatched harmony. You know music is working when you are truly taken away- and at moments during this set I found myself exploring deep recesses of my mind, just freely wondering... Where will it all go? (I'm not sure) -
  6. Monday night's lineup at Ottawa Jazz fest stood-out like a beacon of hope for me for several weeks leading up to the event. It was the kind of bill that was like a mysterious and exciting hooded rider..You know the kind? With a leather satchel, on a dark horse.. in that, you don't know what's under the hood, what's in the satchel (like bread? or firecrackers? who knows!), or if the horse is fast or lazy. Or lame. What a bloated, unsatisfying metaphor, I know, I apologize- but it fits here. Frankly, for so much hope, the evening ultimately provided only diminishing returns. The event kick
  7. Hey tbone! I think Festival Plaza is a temporary site while they fix up the sewers at Confederation Park. It isn't ideal, but it's a nice convenient alternative! The Tartan stage is definitely over on the Lisgar field- same tent.
  8. To wrap things we checked out the electrifying Israeli 16 piece brass powerhouse marching band, Marsh Dondurma. Sweet heaven! - do yourself a favour and catch these amazing players. Energy and enthusiasm was off the charts as this interactive and playful group got the crowd dancing on all sides of the After Dark tent. Everyone got a turn, and the Crowd response and interplay was incredibly fun and probably extra musical as half the audience appeared to be local musicians smiling from ear to ear in participation. I'm looking forward to checking out their collaboration with Mike Essoudry on his
  9. This year's Ottawa Jazz-fest has successfully rolled itself, temporarily, across Laurier to Festival Plaza, while Confederation Park attends to some boggy drainage issues- a mechanical enema you could say, but probably wouldn't. This environmental investment requires that, for just a year, we trade the cool grass and familiar shady haunts of the park for the exposed concrete digs at City Hall. So be it, we can handle some slight discomfort for the sake of our future environment, right? Although the trademark Festival main stage has been transplanted, some familiar vendors and the free O
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