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Re: Tax My Timmies (warning Rant enclosed)


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i'm sure many of you have seen the petitions to stop the government from adding the 8% tax to meals under four dollars, and was wondering what ya'll thought. I've read the petition, and have heard the tim hortons employee's 'try' to explain it to me, one last time...

doesn't anyone consider how much profit these million dollar mega-corporations are making?

Tim Hortons charges almost a dollar for a donut, yet it costs them 13 cents to make one. 800% markup anyone? Or what about their coffee. 16 cents a cup, a dollar 30 to buy it. Also, about an 800% mark up.

I can't believe McDonalds, Wendy's, Tim Hortons, are bitching about this increase. They are the ones making the massive, massive, MASSIVE, profits, with out of this world markups.

Now, lets look at it this way. They add 8 percent tax on something that is MAX, 3.99. So thats 32 cents tax added.

Can ANYONE explain to me why these million dollar corporations, who are crying the blues, making the government look like the bad guy, why can't THEY drop their prices a MAXIMUM of 32 cents on their four dollar item.

Has ANYONE considered this? Our current government, which i voted NDP, was left a big deficit. Why can't they attempt to correct it?

I think this is a perfect way of doing it. The last four tim hortons i've entered, i've been given their small speech on why i should sign the petition. After i take about two minutes explaining why NO ONE should sign the petition, they actually AGREE and wonder WHY they can't just drop their prices a little...well that’s until the manager comes out!!!!!

I'd love for someone to convince me that the government should drop this tax, rather than the corp's dropping their disgustingly massive profits, then please, go for it. I'm all ears. I just dont always look at the problem the way people tell me to look at it, ESPECIALLY big corporations, which, in the simplest terms, are BIG evil.

I HOPE the government DOES tax these meals, and MAYBE the fast food joints will drop some prices accordingly.

Even their stance is bullsh*t! The people who can barely afford a meal are the ones getting threatened by this tax. That’s so far from being right. Its Timmy's and McDonalds who are worried about the bottom line.

Am i a minority on this one? Probably. I'm used to it.

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Funny thing,

Last night some kid at Tim Horton's (who worked there) tried to tell me that they (The TH) was worried about the 'less fortunate' (ie homeless people) and that this hike could effect them. So i asked why they didn't give them the soup and donuts that they threwout every 12-24 hours. To which my pot-faced comrade responded....."I don't know," and then he walked away.

Tax us up!! I'm a firm believer in graduated taxation and am also an NDP supporter. "DAMN THE MAN" I SAY, as i stroll out with my large double-double and crueller. Being a hypocrit doesn't mean that my logic isn't sound, and how do they make their coffee taste so good??


...I am addicted to THC - Tim Horton's Coffee (corny, I know)

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