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  1. the first two that came to my mind were the first two listed.
  2. that was one of my biggest phish letdowns... i think it was rochester right? "we are going to play you a new song".....blah. but that frankenstein was fun that show. i actually enjoyed rochester probably the most of my 1999 shows. (aside from BC)
  3. was great to get out..... last time out was for the closing of PJC. is it always that loud....man, i suck. but the room was great! lots of folks dancing, lots of great costumes. got to hang with my brantford friends....which i dont get to see enough. laz, well, damn, he was there...guess that's the only low point of the night. only strange part was all these folks talking about eight? thought to myself, ate what? oh, and TUNER was out in full force! any time i get to see tommy, especially in that form, makes my night.... he's still talking big cypress like it was yesterday....then again, it might have been for tuner.
  4. if you have the money, buy somewhere else. there are thousands of homes on the market.
  5. basher, are you still of the opinion that TM does "not" hold tix back in order to deliver more tix to their scalping service?
  6. are all 2009 phish shows traded in mp3?
  7. ME TOO! (but i'm not paying the retarded asking price...this'll be the first PJ show i've missed since i first saw them in '04)
  8. just dont EVER tell him that.... trust me.
  9. anyone have an extra ticket (lawn is fine) for the upcoming Pearl Jam show in Toronto? i was flat broke when the tix went on sale.... thanks!
  10. my first show as well. loved it. still love it.
  11. oh, and how can i forget that was theresa's first show... she had only heard tapes, and had learned every word to reba. all she wanted to hear was reba. i told her the chances were very slim she would hear reba. they opened with it.
  12. going into that show, all i wanted to hear was phish play dog stole things... you know when heads ask "what do u want to hear tonight" and i replied "dog stole things" .... i got a lot of blankt stares. when they started the opening notes, i hit the roof! moma dance was my favorite version, next to Big Cypress.
  13. yes morgan, its a frequency issue. good drivers will not generally get into multiple not at fault claims in one term. if they do, there is a reason? maybe they are a careless driver, causing others to hit them. maybe they stop abruptly often, causing others to hit them. maybe they are on the road more than the average, so then the risk has changed. i underwrite commercial construction and contracting risks, but i can often help with pricing of personal lines....auto or property. its not really different from an insured who has a multitude of theft claims in a term. yes its not their fault. But why is it happening? The average driver in the province of Ontario gets into 1 Not At Fault accident every 3 years. This has been derived by actualarial statistics... if your getting multiple not at faults in one term, something is up.
  14. you buddy is 100% not at fault according to the Fault Determination Rules (not the highway traffice act, although he is 100% not at fault there as well). Fault determination rules is what determines INSURANCE fault. his vehicle will be inspected as to where the damage is located...if its in the front of his vehicle, not the side, he is not telling the truth. if it is determined the damage is consistent with side impact from a parking spot, even w/out collision cover, he'll have his vehicle repaired. the deductible will be covered by the other Insurance company. HE MAY be required to pay up front if he did not get the other person's insurance information, or it turns out the other person's insurance is not valid. If the insurance is valid, he will be reinbursed for the deductible. if it is confirmed prior to his damage being fixed, he will not pay the deductible. with no fault, regardless, his own insurance policy will cover the damage. Will his rates rise? that depends. if it is his first claim, nope. they will not. is it his 2nd or 3rd claim in this policy term. yep, they will. hope this helps, Steve
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