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Bravo, Bravo...


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whoaaaaaaaa.... Rose Garland: dont think a band has "grabbed" me, like they did, in a LONG time.. i mean, opening with a great shakedown, then into one of the sweeter sugaree's i've ever heard... c'mon... first time seein you guys, and you grabbed a fan for life...

thank you ms. meggo for offering your navigational skills once again, wouldnt've made it without you, and i got to see parts of london i dont think i have in 5 years of being here... or, at least dont remember seeing... ::

willy and leanner banner, always a pleasure... great to catch up and share some laughs... until next time, i wish ya's well...

lmp and pp, good times, good times... numba 2, hope your birthday was a good one, afterall..

"paisley in red, is dancing with me"... you'll never forget the nite you danced with the sheik.. hahah... then again, its paisley... he probably has already...


hamilton: what were your friends names @ 175 dundas apt #1? knock on #2 next time your down..

thanks to everyone who put drugs in my hands... i'll be up till tuesday...

hey, if there's anyone out there named raphael, i'd really like it if you emailed me or messaged me...

alright... im goin to dance in my living room.

(anything i forgot? probably.... you know)

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holy moley. another wicked night. awesome to be back in hamilton after such a long stretch... the music was great and i too was especially impressed by rose garland.. i wasn't expecting a band playing covers to rock my ass that hard... couldn't stand still. and they played some of my all time faves, at that. thanks so much!

awesome to meet some more cats from the board... hamilton, briguy (it's a pig, right?), del-head... also sooooo great to see familiar faces, you guys keep me going.

always a pleasure drivin your ass around scotty... ;) not many people would not only let me crank dead tunes that loud all the way home, but actually really enjoy it too. i'm sure there will be plenty more chances this summer for me to prove my navigating prowess... well prowess might be a bit of a strong term.. but capability, anyway. i seem to be jinxed. i hope you're feeling better and you kick some ass in the tourney today.

so to everyone, i hope you made it to your next destination safely and i'm looking forward to a promising summer, if the past few weeks is any indication of what's to come. it may be cheesey but i do feel lucky to have found such a chill group of people. i think the chemicals are wearin off (finally!!!) and i'm getting sappy so i better sign it off.

thanks again y'all!!! til next time... :)

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