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Any marvel comic fans in here? I just wanted to...


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Guest Low Roller

The cheezy music during the previews is enough to turn me away from this movie.

Seriously, what the frig is wrong with the producers? What were they thinking?? When I think of The Punisher, I think of guns blazing, people dying horrible horrible deaths, explosions, and gangsta rap. If the previews were loaded with heavy beats and some dude rapping about his glock while giving shout-outs to his homies, the previews would've been energetic and not so limp-dick like they are now...

Thanks to the preview I have no desire to see this movie. Hell, even Agent Cody Banks had better music during the previews.

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Well, I dont watch much television so I guess I missed all them gay previews your telling me about.

Im not the type of person to not go see a movie cause it has a poohy sound track. Actually, I could care less about the music in the film. Like I said, I was a huge fan of the comics as a kid and was just wondering if any of you had SEEN the movie and if it would be worth the time and money to go see.

Actually I just talked to a few of my buddies who just caught the flick recently and from the words of my good friend GEEBO "It was the best marvel flick ive ever seen".

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