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  1. Original prog-rock Supertramp, doing a very aggressive cover:
  2. Click on the link. If you don't know John Peel, he's one of rock's most important live archivists. He'd record live acts during his radio show. So many great bands recorded songs to sets for him.
  3. Some big acts I'd like to see on here (maybe down the road?), but cool that we can access this (I own the CD of the Galaxie 500 session): https://davestrickson.blogspot.com/2020/05/john-peel-sessions.html
  4. A cover of the Donnie Darko Gary Jules's "Mad World" cover. Curt Smith's daughter has talent:
  5. A young Danny Gatton, in scary "Humbler" form:
  6. I had to look up "Beaches Triangle". That name has to be a realtor invention, much like "Upper Beach". I hear sometimes your hood called Norway Village, or Little Norway, but nothing concrete.
  7. Great "cover". Bobby does some nice patented rhythm-lead hybrid fills.
  8. Yea boNES, I too live near the new concert hall (I live in Kingston Road Village; my old gym was connected to the upcoming venue until the former was shut down). Construction seems to be moving along at a good pace now, finally.
  9. Love this Get Behind Me Satan garage blues song and performance.
  10. I'll never tire of this song, or performance:
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