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  1. A young Danny Gatton, in scary "Humbler" form:
  2. I had to look up "Beaches Triangle". That name has to be a realtor invention, much like "Upper Beach". I hear sometimes your hood called Norway Village, or Little Norway, but nothing concrete.
  3. Great "cover". Bobby does some nice patented rhythm-lead hybrid fills.
  4. Yea boNES, I too live near the new concert hall (I live in Kingston Road Village; my old gym was connected to the upcoming venue until the former was shut down). Construction seems to be moving along at a good pace now, finally.
  5. Love this Get Behind Me Satan garage blues song and performance.
  6. I'll never tire of this song, or performance:
  7. I love that John, a reclusive eccentric (and guitar genius really), is coming back to the mainstream. Even if the Peppers get on your nerves, and they can with me from time to time, John, Flea, and Chad, are a fantastic trio.
  8. I'm usually not, but I'm a big John Frusciante fan, and I like the instrumental hard funk parts of the Peppers. Anthony really bothers me.
  9. Goddamn love his chops: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/john-frusciante-rejoins-red-hot-chili-peppers-josh-klinghoffer-927387/
  10. I.must.own.this: https://happymag.tv/the-allman-brothers-release-incredible-new-live-album-fillmore-west-71/
  11. Rare live video recording of pre-Brothers and Sisters "Ramblin' Man" (a good 10-months before Brothers and Sisters dropped), with Chuck Leavell and Berry Oakley (he died 9 days after this concert). Great version, if not sad given the events surrounding the time-frame:
  12. I was totally aware of them, but I'm on day shifts, so I couldn't stay up. I'll hopefully catch the records on YouTube, if they are there?
  13. I wasn't aware of this fusion band until moments ago. Wow!
  14. Great acoustic-ish performance from Wednesday's Fallon:
  15. Rory Gallagher's band Taste, kicking ass at The Isle of Wight Festival, 1970:
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