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  1. I.must.own.this: https://happymag.tv/the-allman-brothers-release-incredible-new-live-album-fillmore-west-71/
  2. Rare live video recording of pre-Brothers and Sisters "Ramblin' Man" (a good 10-months before Brothers and Sisters dropped), with Chuck Leavell and Berry Oakley (he died 9 days after this concert). Great version, if not sad given the events surrounding the time-frame:
  3. I was totally aware of them, but I'm on day shifts, so I couldn't stay up. I'll hopefully catch the records on YouTube, if they are there?
  4. I wasn't aware of this fusion band until moments ago. Wow!
  5. Great acoustic-ish performance from Wednesday's Fallon:
  6. Rory Gallagher's band Taste, kicking ass at The Isle of Wight Festival, 1970:
  7. There's a Corona Extra commercial that airs constantly on many channels. I found the song (live version), and band (a fave of Trey, who jams with them on another song on YouTube). Great trippy as hell song:
  8. New Tool! Trippy, unpredictable, punishing (in parts), spacey, jammy, Adam Jones, goddamn brilliant.
  9. I love the rant, even though I don't understand any of it!!
  10. And ABB vet Chuck Leavell was playing keys with The Stones too!
  11. My wife is going. I think she's more excited to see opener The Beaches (she has a free ticket to the gig, and is only a mild Stones fan). I must say, The Beaches are great, and great live. Should be a great day of music at a terrible venue.
  12. One of my fav folk-blues tunes. Great version. Taj rules!
  13. Great debut. If you don't have it, or any MMJ albums, this is a great place, and reason, to start: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/my_morning_jacket_treat_the_tennessee_fire_to_20th_anniversary_reissue
  14. And Derek turned 40! I first saw him live when he was 13. Time flies!
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