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Jimmy Wilson (The Trinity)


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I never seen ol' Jimmy Wilson dance. Some of the ween.net freakshows were debating the origin of Ween's 'Jimmy Wilson' references and the side project the Jimmy Wilson Group (JWG). From what I knew it was an expression they used back in the day for a friend of theirs in the loop, like 'hey what's up Jimmy?' I guess it means basically a good shit. Then I saw this guys post which seems so on point:

As the actual mythology is muddled and confused, my friends and I found it fun to create our own "system of belief", if you will...and you will. It goes like this:

The Mollusk is a christian concept album, with the Golden Eel as GOD...whose words cannot be revealed.

The Mollusk is the ever-present spirit within the album, hence the HOLY SPIRIT...which speaketh of the TRINITY.

Jimmy Wilson's presence obviously represents the JESUS figure, as he is the only being of the three that seems fallible.

Some of you have heard of the Trilogy (El camino, PR Power, Dr. Rock(?))

In my mind, during shows when they play The Mollusk, The Eel, and Wavin my Dick...It's the Trinity.

Then again, I'm a VERY sick individual.

Another responded:

Actually, the trinity is Ice Castles, Golden Eel, Baby Bitch

But this is just plain sweet:

Have no idea about the heritage, but way back when I had a fake ID. THe name that appeared on teh ID was James j. Wilson. I actually know a guy by that name, so, w/o his knowledge I used all of his information on a shitty fake ID I got at some flea Market in Pennsauklen, NJ. Good thing too, a bartender at the "rat" in West Chester took the id off me and gave it to cops but the info all checked out so they served me....anyway I digress.

I went to see Ween at the Troc around the time JWG was playin around town. I told my buddy, he threw the ID up on stage and Miggy asked if it was real and if he could keep it, never saw it again

origins of Jimmy Wilson

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