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  1. Now that Ween's dead Aaron's put Gener in the box I really wanted to hear what he'd put out. A bunch of demos he put up on soundcloud were captured and uploaded again for download. Some of them like Nature Man (), More Than The World, Mr. Kelly, Stay With Me Daddy and A Man Alone could easily make the core of a new album. Some are thankfully like Gene's best ballads and others are in Aaron's own voice. Aaron Freeman home demos
  2. Blades is clearly an ambassador of both his instrument but also the jazz organ tradition he finds himself on the vanguard of. "Without even knowing it I got this real old school education, and without even knowing it that was instilled in me this kind of traditional carrying through. It's not that those guys wanted me to play traditionally it's that they kind of let me in this lineage that they were a part of.... Even though I don't want to be playing necessarily traditionally you can't take it out of me."
  3. For once I agree with this zerobot fucktard. Some of y'all make that Dima douchebag sound like a Rhodes scholar. But zerobot's lost the plot with this whole inevitable dissolution of NBC Universal into it's component parts. The Tonight Show's the Tonight Show and it's outlived presidencies, regimes, hairstyles, pubic hairstyles, and it will outlive this clusterfuck. More illustrative than the recent GE Comcast merger is the history of late night with regards to Letterman's secession to CBS. NBC basically tried to do EXACTLY what they're doing this time. They groomed Letterman for the b
  4. I have offically resurrected the Hellfire Society for Better Covers, a monastic order/gentleman's club, returning to our first ever 'request'. The Who - Eminence Front
  5. What the fawk are you mealy mouthed brahs moaning about this time?
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