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  1. Now that Ween's dead Aaron's put Gener in the box I really wanted to hear what he'd put out. A bunch of demos he put up on soundcloud were captured and uploaded again for download. Some of them like Nature Man (), More Than The World, Mr. Kelly, Stay With Me Daddy and A Man Alone could easily make the core of a new album. Some are thankfully like Gene's best ballads and others are in Aaron's own voice. Aaron Freeman home demos
  2. Blades is clearly an ambassador of both his instrument but also the jazz organ tradition he finds himself on the vanguard of. "Without even knowing it I got this real old school education, and without even knowing it that was instilled in me this kind of traditional carrying through. It's not that those guys wanted me to play traditionally it's that they kind of let me in this lineage that they were a part of.... Even though I don't want to be playing necessarily traditionally you can't take it out of me."
  3. For once I agree with this zerobot fucktard. Some of y'all make that Dima douchebag sound like a Rhodes scholar. But zerobot's lost the plot with this whole inevitable dissolution of NBC Universal into it's component parts. The Tonight Show's the Tonight Show and it's outlived presidencies, regimes, hairstyles, pubic hairstyles, and it will outlive this clusterfuck. More illustrative than the recent GE Comcast merger is the history of late night with regards to Letterman's secession to CBS. NBC basically tried to do EXACTLY what they're doing this time. They groomed Letterman for the big job, he built an audience (even defined LateNight) - made exactly the transition Conan's made from a frattish younger skewing humour to a statesmen/court jester status. But NBC fucked Letterman and signed Leno in confidentiality long before he got wind (all of this is beautifully acted out in the film Late Shift) for fear of EXACTLY what they fear with Leno now that he would take it to another network. So they gave the top job after Carson's 30 year reign to this relative unknown who was (rightly) seen as a rapidly rising comedic talent. Putzwad Warren Littlefield likely honestly believed that they could keep Letterman at 12:30 as a one two punch with Leno but just didn't get that Letterman wanted the Tonight Show and nothing else. The rest is history. In terms of Neilsen ratings Letterman always historically beat Leno at CBS until July 10, 1995 (and this indicator is somewhat questionable, some point to a new set that brought him closer to the audience) Hugh Grant kept his appearance after the Divine Brown blowie. Since then Leno's dominated the numbers game. Now Conan came out of the gate strong but had a lot of things going for him beyond just the huge promotional push. But Letterman's pretty quickly outpaced him though it would take a flow chart and a fair bit of analysis to get a feel for the Neilsen sweep and tide. Interestingly Bill Carter the New York Times TV critic has been taking Conan's pulse on the transition to 11:30 for a long time. This Q&A from well before the transition is telling. Basically NBC's fucked themselves in a couple of ways. By trying to hold onto two fish wriggling in both hands they've not literally risked losing both but the thrashing about is pretty fucking awkward. Trying to run 3.5 hours of Late Night (or as Conan called it on his first night The Night of The Endless Monologues) was a fools wager and Leno getting heftily outrated against reruns of police procedurals on other networks was not anticipated. It's not this fucking black and white Jay Leno's a douchebag cause he wouldn't step out of the spotlight bit. You can bet the negotiations with Leno and Conan and NBC feel more like a heartbreaking custody arrangement than a cuthroat generational showdown. They fucked the pooch and now they have to go back to the drawing board and besides you don't change a horse midstream and if I knew how to properly use the expression closing the barn door way after the horse is gone I would probably also use it here.
  4. I have offically resurrected the Hellfire Society for Better Covers, a monastic order/gentleman's club, returning to our first ever 'request'. The Who - Eminence Front
  5. What the fawk are you mealy mouthed brahs moaning about this time?
  6. Essentially this is what happened. A woman named 'Adelle Short' slowly insinuated herself into my life having contacted me through myspace first having seen a post on Sixtoo's myspace page. She was a buyer for HMV in the UK, had just broken up with Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and based on her manner and physical beauty which was considerable I had no reason to doubt all this. I was extremely skeptical but she began to quickly profess that she loved me, that she was breaking it off with another very affluent man and over time began to talk about me moving to the UK to Cornwall England precisely to live with her. She also offered to marry me for legal reasons. She also wired me money in case people think something else. I wasn't running off to bang this broad - she presented herself as having a really troubled twenties with dealer boyfriends and her getting tossed in the middle of the night into the street- then she got into law as a result then HMV. She was in an increbly flawed individual and I fell in love with her because she was engaged in a sort of psychological warfare against me whose purpose was to have me fall for her. It was carefully crafted to fulfill my knight in shining armour to the rescue mentality (with recreational drug use, quiet spiritual contemplation in a surfing village in Cornwall and a house full of baccarat and herende miniatures). The relationship just naturally (or constructed actually) grew and we talked on the phone all the time but at some point I woke up in the middle of the night and realized she's a spy or not what she claims to be. She had 'broken it off' but via myspace which was very suspicious and would not talk via email or the phone - then I woke up one morning and all of her messages were gone from my inbox. Her myspace profile doesn't even exist anymore. I believe she was running a honeypot trap and may have worked for a foreign government or organzied crime. I am fearful that it was the latter. Sadly as fantastic as this all sounds - evil Bond girls, mafia etc. - it's all true. I was literally pursued by the mafia that related to some remarks I made on Stillepost but also some letters I wrote to the police and the Ontario Civilian Commission on Policing. I was beaten by the police and by mafiosa on more than one occasion. There must have been some motivation as to why they did this. On the evening of the 18th/19th I turned to Roger Leavens my oldest childhood friend who I had recently reconnected with at his Boombox studio (Trevor Coleman was there). I had gone to Lidia's house in the middle of the night I believe the night before worried she was being threatened as well - it turns out she was just being a selfish bitch. Lidia's heart was really broken by me when I told her that I was going to move to the UK and take a chance with 'Adelle'- Lidi was also just beginning to realize that she had been selfish all her life and 'Adelle' was five years my senior, highly intelligent and held out the promise of a life together and I'm at that age where I want to settle down. I wasn't going to shoplift the pooty,to use a Jerry Maguire reference, with Lidia after sadly only spending one very romantic weekend together. Even more sadly I cryed many tears over Lidia when I was in jail realizing when I got out she didn't want to have anything to do with me. How did I end up in jail? Roger as all of you have done presumed I was having a delusion about the mafia and police being after me. Within about an hour of leaving Roger's studio I was picked up by 51 Division cops and taken to Cherry Beach where I was severely beaten and left without socks, shoes or a wallet. I had been beaten by other 51 Div. cops two days prior and had tryed to report the assault at Toronto Police Headquarters, 51 Division and tryed to call 911 a number of times (the operators asked VERY suspicious questions). No one was going to believe me now as I was literally walking around barefoot and couldn't go to my family because they also believed I was having a mental health episode. I walked from Cherry Beach to York Mills and the 401 barefoot after a substantial beating hoping to hitch hike out of the province and save my life. I then realized I absolutely needed medical attention and made one final shot at calling 911 from a Coffeetime north of the 401. An ambulance and suspiciously a police supervisor showed up - I had police style logbooks on a harness under my clothing which is what the police and mafiosa' were trying to get a hold of. I then went to North York General after being practically carried to the ambulance. Then I waited for hours and something was suspicious at the hospital. The triage nurses were evasive and the admission duty nurse told me her name was "Polly Pocket" which was really alarming. I then resolved to leave putting on hospital booties and headed down on the bus to my families house where I was going to break in to get some jewellry to pawn to get out of the province. I took a shovel to the backdoor of my families Moore Park house and my stepfather and I had an altercation, I went to the second floor master bedroom stole three photos of my grandmother, some gold jewellry and a military knife I thought had gold inlay and put them in a pink purse. The police arrived and came up to the second floor guns drawn and asked me to lie down on the ground and put my hands behind my back - I put the purse down and did as they said saying 'I'm no threat, I'm no threat'. The four officers then jumped on my back and one choked me out so hard that he burst all the capillaries in my right eye. I was taken into custody at 53 Division and transferred the next night to a ghost jail that I am sure was 50 Division- a division that doesn't officially exist. Then I was taken to the Don my second or third night I was jumped by some inmates who broke my arm and a couple ribs. A code was called and the guards came in and rather than help me with medical help they then beat me further blackening both eyes and breaking my nose. I pissed out from the beatings and couldn't even walk they had to wheel me out in a chair. Then when out of sight of the inmates the captains took me out of the chair and dragged me down the hallway into a medical office where a captain named Baronet (or perhaps Baronette) kicked me full force in the rib over my heart breaking that as well. At this point I lost consciousness from the bloodloss and shock and had a seizure which thankfully caused them to evacuate me to St. Mikes where I woke up the next morning handcuffed to the bed in a massive amount of pain in my right arm as I'd had a second seizure with my broken arm straining against the cuffs. I am totally amnesiac for this day and a half and the transport back to the hospital from the subdural hematoma (blood clots on the brain). Back at the Don I was tortured for 15 days by being held in a medical segregation cell with the lights 24 hours a day. I endured a lot of psychological torture. I was in the Don from April 21 until June 13 and got out in the yard 4 times for 15 minutes a stretch. I got 1 hour of springtime. I assure you if this was about a mental health breakdown there is no way I would be able to recount this (and painfully relive it in the process) in such a fashion. I sense for all of the hatefulness and judgment some were actually concerned. I think if you're still thinking this is mental health related you should no I'm not pleading NCR (not criminally responsible) - I know exactly what I did and what my state of mind was. I just had no other choice as I saw it if I was going to get out of TO alive. I've since cooperated with Provincial and Federal authorities who have had undercover operatives in the prison population and staff looking out for me. There's a lot more to it all but I still have charges pending (B+E, Assault and theft under) which I'll plea to and have diverted along with the bogus charges of Resist Arrest, Carry Concealed Weapon (scissors in my pocket ) and Weapons Dangerous (the knife I was hoping to pawn). Laughably- the judge and my poor mom and lawyer laughed out loud at my bail hearing - they almost made staying away from shovels, scissors and knives into a bail condition. They've put me in transitional housing at Lawrence EEEEAAAST for now and I have strict reporting at City Hall all summer. So I'm stuck in TO and hoping to meet some new decent people. You'd sort of have to see me (or hell knowing me in the first place might help) in the flesh to appreciate. I've always been a really outgoing person and brash and arrogant I'm just very quiet and reserved and kind of shy now. I'm also getting over a massive series of traumas so it's understandable.
  7. sorry about you are irony Dude!
  8. Ballin'. Ladies. We Fly High. You know it.
  9. I can never tell you about the day I've had. Much of what I know are best termed as State Secrets although I am notably what I appear to be, a rare rare exception on the 'internets', a poor overly idealistic and insanely educated Music Writer who really Just wants to write about Hip Hop which is admittedly the biggest hustle in the game. In any case I'm ghost dawging around TO and have literally a dime in my pocket, a stack of international financial papers out of which I could make a single stock pick that would fly me around the world for the rest of my life on that dime, but really it's 5:OO on the nose, I'm completely estranged from my 'family' (they have turned me away for the last time), my Phamily and I need like one friend. I've got to get to Halifax tomorrow and I'm sure that's easy enough - given the DAY I've had- but I need to chill for a bit.
  10. I am not being conspiratorial here. If 'NewRider' is Aaron Dietrich or who we know as Aaron Dietrich I have not seen him in months. I have two friends, who I will not identify, that have actually spoken to 'Adelle Short'.
  11. You're wrong. I'm not sure why any of you think that you can offer me any guidance. You don't know all the details, nor do you have my education, native intelligence and life experience - I do not have yours. It's in Bad Faith - Mauvais Foi - to turn to another for guidance.
  12. In case you were doubting her entire profile is now deleted.
  13. Seriously I literally was 'IN LOVE' with this woman a week ago and I KNOW FOR CERTAIN, well ALL of our myspace messages were deleted overnight and I have correspondence on gmail AND the phone numbers, AND banking info... think about it she breaks up with the soul mate love of her life by myspace, won't call or use email- I thought she was a tweaky mash (Allison has read some very personal correspondence of hers I confided in her- please explain your perspective or how you perceived 'her' Allison). I believe she was written by different operatives on an Alpha Split but definitely was the woman in the picture because the voice matched in the intuitive fashion. Creepy fucking bitch that's for sure. Holla.
  14. I have very grievous and alarming news this morning my friends. Please take everything I am saying here as the direct gospel this is truly truly horrifying and revealing. I was contacted by a profile claiming to be 'Adelle Short' (the name of a popular haircut, whose myspace profile is http://www.myspace.com/adelle888 She went by 88888888. She claimed to be a buyer for HMV and had come across a post flaming the hip hop artist Rob Squires (Sixtoo). I accept all 'friends' approaching me on myspace so that I can investigate the fake porn profiles and reverse look them up. Her profile picture looked like a porn star and I responded saying 'are you for real'. A dialogue developed and she began to tell me depraved stories about Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) how she had dated him for what seemed like a year and how he was lurking outside her terraced home in 'Cornwall, UK'. This is very difficult to write. Her profile which is blocked to the public had a list of musical tastes that rivalled the greatest music fan ever. She is clearly a very beautiful woman and I thought at 5 years my senior she was a strong match for my life partner. She quickly suggested I move to Cornwall where she led a quiet hermetic life and smoked high quality marijuana, took recreational drugs and walked in the national land trust and minelands. I sent her an email the other night saying: Don't hate me for standing up to you. That's why you chose me. That's why we were chosen. love you so much, Luke The response was: Yo Lucas You and Constance will be really happy. She looks about 7 years my junior and less wise. later, Adelle After having wired me money from the 'UK' (of which a bank transaction trail and SWIFT codes exists), having offered her hand in marriage, having spoken on the phone with two dear friends (who believed erroneously she was a charming woman who wanted only the best for me) she was clearly a 'real' person. Her phone numbers are: deleted by Booche mobile: deleted by Booche Essentially after that last dialogue, although I have all of my emails by gmail (owned by Google/Fox) as opposed to Myspace's shadowy ownership and $2.5 Billion Washington lobby, she refused to call me or email me ever again. AS OF THIS MORNING EVERY SINGLE EMAIL IN OUR VERY LONG AND PROLONGED DIALOGUE IS APPEARING AS THE SAME LOCKED PROFILE THEREBY PROVING DEFINITIVELY THAT MYSPACE IS USING MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY AND NOT ONLY TRACKING ALL YOUR MOVEMENTS BUT READING YOUR PERSONAL EMAILS. Sadly, as when I am sedate, meditative and not creating conflict I realize what is ACTUALLY happening. I believe that the MK ULTRA, Manchurian Candidate type technologies, of which the public record disappears somewhere near the early 70's of course continued to grow and grow and that literally many television, internet and communications technologies are waging specific, heinous and pronounced forms of psychological warfare and mind control. Adelle is clearly not a real person. My fear truly was that if I went to Heathrow as I told her myself that I would be picked up by MI6 right away. She tellingly quipped that 'I'll have them meet you there'. This is my contestation, I had her wire me the money as a symbolic gesture and to have a record of the trail. I realize now that either MI6, CIA, NSA or MySpace private contractors OR mafiosi (doubtable) were literally luring me to Europe the only way a heavily idealistic Canadian would: Love. The Honeypot Trap. Live a quiet life with the woman of your dreams, walking on the beach and smoking pot and taking E and fucking for days. Not bad, eh? I realized in the night the other day that 'Adelle' in fact was a composite profile. Our government and many governments based on the British Homeland uses an Alpha Split that basically means any interaction with any agent goes on file creating a composite sketch rather than an individual case manager for instance. Many things about Adelle just began not to add up. I could only reckon that she was tweaking on some sort of drug because she literally broke the whole thing off by myspace, would not email nor use the phone. Her former partner of 8 years 'Edward' did answer the 'house line' a number of times and sounded like a whingey loser (he in fact is). I did not copy all of our correspondence into word documents. As of this morning at 9:00 when checking my myspace literally every email we ever wrote and there are countless numbers of them is now blocked to private like her profile. The only explanation is the previous one I made. Myspace is in direct collusion with the International Police State. I will secure the bank records, you have the phone records and myspace address. I suspect nobody in Europe really knows who this woman is or that there was never a buyer for HMV named Adelle Short. Notably also 'Constance' whom I couldn't figure out who the psycho bitch she was talking about at first was, she claimed to have psychic and clairvoyant powers and that she had a dream/vision a year ago that the love of her life was in 'Cambridge, Canada'. There were various other 'synchronicitous' instances that confirmed 'our love'. Which was Manufactured like Consent. The agent tripped up when she used the name Constance, the profile she was referring to was not in my top friends but back in the stack and was for a woman of 25 named 'Constant Flux' whose profile is http://www.myspace.com/fionakeane. That morning I became aware of two things- either 'Adelle' is actually psychic and picked up a false pang of jealousy for 'Constant Flux' who I had engaged in a dialogue with about how much I loved 'Adelle' (seems like an odd way to pick a woman up) or she had broken into my myspace. Those are the only two explanations. Notably Constant Flux has stopped dialogue with me as well. In any case I think this is a fairly substantive group of evidences and I must say I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Myspace was being used by the Intelligence Community to lure me to the UK and perhaps safety or perhaps my death. If over the course of the day my myspace is deleted this will be proof positive that Myspace is Evil. She was truly a very beautiful and lovely person ^^^^ I, Luke Bowden, did not write these last remarks a hacker and Intelligence Officer broke into the proxy and changed it moments after I typed this message - clearly I would not have added that text and my point was finalized. She was neither true, nor beautiful, nor lovely nor a person. I have spoken to CSIS, the Criminal Intelligence Directorate, the Director General of Criminal Intelligence Services and have now been advised to proceed to an RCMP detachment.
  15. Les cooperatives innovatrices dans le secteur des service sociaux
  16. You want to do porn Popo you looked hella hot in thos e pics with my broshack? Like $500 cash, $500 in stock and a masage and a pedicure and a manicure, and a social worker.
  17. That's not the guy I'm talking about. You have no clue what you're talking about I'm sure there have been countless sexual assaults, molestations, heavy fucked up shit that basically I could drum up by breathing lightly from Guelph so by all means clap off. I'm actually just sort of relishing the blithe hypocrisy of all of you. Governance anyone?
  18. Wait I got through it, this part's classic. The cunning brilliance of the Cleary flake factor- the Joe drug factor and the Antigo Nowhere factor combined with an unfathomable grant from the Nova Scotian gov't - you know I wrote a LOT of those things BEFORE jay and I even met. You know like when I ran the biggest promotional event in Canada for Playboy On Campus at the World Trade Centre in Halifax - I was 19 I think. It was a national news story. Jay Cleary represents God Made Me Funky. Back to your little fucking cracks about clean socks and stealing candy bars from Couche Tard. The fucking Couche Tard's are killing the Canadian music scene - stealing from the Couchetard Corporation is essential. Besides if you're a Gypsy and you steal food it's taking not stealing.
  19. You know what I honestly have no fucking time to read Joe fucking Maceachern's blah blah theory about how fucking somehting. Seriously I've known Jimmy a long time, he was even a waiter at the Granite Club where Cully and I are/were members although I didn't know him then I did go to university with James Lloyd his good friend. Many many mutual friends. Jonas is a minor god in my mythology and will be a character in Last Atlas Honky Fall. Joe's the, uhm, yeah the silent partner. Jay's the really bad and peppy publicist. And you're the community apparently who doesn't think that bands who travel all the way across the country for a $300 gig should get their - I don't know= $300 bucks a year later. They totally avoided this creditor shit. I gave them the world never said peep even though Shoreline did the same shit. Hey you don't want to get ripped off. Run a fucking professional festival. Get a fucking clue, a site plan, a pro manager, security guards that aren't covert dealers and like a fucking life. People die dumbass.
  20. I don't chase deals. I don't negotiate over a barrel. I don't do tacky. And I definitely don't listen to fucking DJ Tiesto and sodomize 17 yr. olds.
  21. Pretty soon anyone with half a brain will get on this shit and make a hella lot of money. I'm going to. Are you really all that clueless? I'm not trying to be rude. Can you read though. Get Hux to explain it. I'm out.
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