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Brad Barr's thoughts on the theft...


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Brad - brad at theslip.com

Mon Jul 19 2004 @ 4:03 PM

the skinny

Hey friends.

I just got through reading all your posts on this subject and, though I'm still very sad about our loss, would trade it any day for the love and kindness shown by all of you. After all, it's just a bunch of gear, no matter how unique and treasured and loved. And I like the thought of some kids ending up with it and starting a new punk-folk band that changes the world.


After my show at the Knit, Andrew and I drove to MacDougal St. (NYC) where we were staying. We were in our Honda, not the bus, and only had a portion of our gear. The sun was coming up and we were only going to sleep for a couple of hours(driving to the vibes at 7:00 am to meet Marc) so we grabbed a few things, covered the rest, and went inside.

Here's what was stolen:

*1950's Gibson acoustic left to us by our Uncle Ted. This is the most painful of all the losses (this was NOT my '54 Gibson ES-175....I brought that in the house with my Strat)

*my nylon string classical guitar, the one used on Poor Boy, Song, Chasing Rabbits, Predicting the Rain, etc. very sad

*a bunch of pedals including the Boomerang, DOD Delay, Elec. Harm. Ring Modulator, Boss Tremelo, Chorus, 2 AB boxes and others

*Andrew's Ludwig snare drum he's had since he was 12

*Andrew's bag of percussion toys including the pandero, cuica, jamman(looper), wood box drum, toy xylophone, and about 20 other noise making things collected over the years

*6 nice microphones, including a Neuman and a Shure stereo mic

*bag of many cables and guitar toys, including my wisk

*a bunch of other things

This is very sad and debilitating for us, but as someone else pointed out, something good always comes out of things like this, the cycle of creation/destruction. BUT...if any of you live in New York and would like to help us try to retrieve this stuff, we would appreciate any thoughts or info you might have. You can e-mail info@theslip.com.

Thanks again to all of you for your concern. You really are amazing. AND, thanks to those who came to my solo concert on Sat...I'm scheduled to play at Matt Murphy's in Boston on Wed(note: use of tradgedy for self-promotion). It's free. Hope to see you.

Love to all,


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This is really sad, but the good news is that the fanbase is mobilized and is spreading the word. Once there's an itemized list of what's needed most we can all see what we can contribute. And at the very least maybe do the Paypal thing if they didn't have insurance on the instruments.

Glad the '54 Gibson electric didn't go missing.

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