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Roll Call: Open Jam @ Dekcuf 04.29


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Seeing as the Open Jams aren't part of the Watchtower / Event Listings anymore, and since we might have some out of town guests (Canned Beats, I'm looking in your direction), I'm putting out a roll call for the Open Jam at Cafe Dekcuf tomorrow night (Tuesday).

The last couple of months' worth of weekly jams have been, in my and others' opinions, awesome (bouche and Ms. H, your first-time impressions would be welcome here). If you play something, bring it and sign up (if it's not portable, let me know; we often have bigger instruments [like drums and keys and basses] available) and get ready to play. If you don't play anything, come out and enjoy a (free!) night's worth of music. The first jam usually starts by about 9:30pm.

Hope to see y'all out.



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Open Jam is a blast. If you haven't gone, you should!!

My only beef is that there seems to be a reluctance to play actual songs, I understand it's a "jam" thing, but a tune here and there can't hurt, bradm and I attempted, an, uh, attempt at "Throwing Stones" awhile back, but the idea didn't make it to the stage....too bad.

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