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Trout Fishing in America


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I know that some of you know who this folk-duo is, and if you do you know they are awesome. I, unfortunately, never get to see them anymore since moving out west, as they tend to spend their time in the mid-West and the East. As it happens, they are doing that again, and I note that there are a couple of dates in the north-eastern US that may interest some of you. Also, if you aren't familiar with these guys, familiarize yourself. You'll be glad you did.

So here is the recent info on Trout Fishing in America...

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We are currently in a rental van driving down I-79 out of Pittsburgh, PA on our way to Summersville, WV. Ezra is driving, I'm writing. I just realized that I don't even know what color this van is. That's how long we've had it. It's dark outside and there are lots of deer by the side of the road. I am going to write this newsletter with Ezra as he watches out for the deer.

Our new CD, Merry Fishes to All, is causing quite a stir. We just found out yesterday that it will be reviewed in Parade magazine on Sunday,November 28th. Wow! This is "The" Parade magazine that is the Sunday insert in newspapers across the country. That's been around since we were kids! Merry Fishes has also been reviewed in Family Fun magazine and they're calling it "The Year's Best Christmas CD." Go to

http://m1e.net/c?13502970-UFoJPxR6Sv8og%40734825-FahkGWNoARbbs to read it for yourself and sign up for the chance to win one. On a more local level, emily kaitz reviewed it for All About Town, Fayetteville's Arts & Entertainment publication and praised Ezra's deft use of Major 7th chords (Gosh, I hope he's not going deft). Our faces graced the cover of Nightflying, the Arkansas statewide Arts & Entertainment newspaper. Thanks, Peter. But don't just take the word of the experts! You

should get the CD and review it for yourself. Makes a great stocking

stuffer. Have your friends review it too.

We're now 11 miles from West Virginia. "Almost Heaven..." This week, we'll be in WV, NJ and Albany, NY. Then it's home for Thanksgiving. Once again, the Idlets have invited 500 of their closest friends over for the week of Thanksgiving (read: partying). Ezra will be leading a caravan of Thanksgivers to Tulsa on Wednesday to watch his daughter, Dana, play basketball with the Lady Golden Hurricanes. GO #13!

We are truly thankful for our many blessings, the love and support of our friends and family, and your continued interest in what we are doing.

Here's West Virginia. Looks a lot like West Pennsylvania so far, but the speed limit just went up to 70. I still don't know what color the van is. Neither does Ezra, but for different reasons.

Merry Fishes!

Keith and Ezra

Check out the NEWS page at your favorite fishing hole - troutmusic.com -for video clips from a recent documentary on Keith and Ezra. While there, don't forget about our CATALOG page to see our Fish Head hats, denim work shirts and warm cozy fleeces by two snappy dressers. We have secure online shopping.


11/19 - FRI

Summersville, WV

NCHS Auditorium



11/20 - SAT

Berkeley Heights, NJ

The Sanctuary



11/21 - SUN

Albany, NY

The Egg



Family Concert

11/25 -

Home for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!


12/2 - THU

Fayetteville, AR

George's Majestic Lounge



Club Holiday Concert


12/4 - SAT

Philadelphia, PA

World Cafe Live



Kids' Holiday Concerts

12/5 - SUN


Reston, VA

Reston Community Center




Family Concert

12/8 - WED

Private Concert

12/11 - SAT

Tampa, FL

Skipper's Smokehouse



Kid's and Club Holiday Concerts

12/15 - WED

Private Concert

12/17 - FRI

Houston, TX

Mucky Duck



Club Holiday Concert

12/18 - SAT

Austin, TX



Kid's and Club Holiday Concerts

12/19 - SUN

Dallas, TX

The Lakewood Theater

(214)821-7469 (info)

(214)373-8000 (tickets)


Kid's and Evening Holiday Concerts

12/25 - SAT

Merry Fishes!


1/7 - 1/9


Austin, Dallas and Houston

Wheatfield Reunion Concerts

More info soon!


Trout Fishing in America

PO BOX 914

Prairie Grove, AR 72753



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