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  1. This is all pretty hypothetical, and I should say that I am not commenting on any known set of facts or how it would apply in any particular jurisdiction, so this is not to be relied upon for legal advice, but with that disclaimer: The word "accident" is unusual at law. If you are saying that it was an "inevitable accident", then that is a defence. The most typical example of an "inevitable accident" is a car-accident due to black ice. Your second suggested scenario seems to involve over-crowding. That could mean there is a third party claim to be made against whomever (presumably) jostled the person who broke the object, by that person. There would also be a likely claim against whomever controls the store, for "contributory negligence" in allowing the place to be overcrowded, leading to a hazard, leading to the incident that caused the loss. Simple stuff, really.
  2. It seems to me people are under a duty not to do harm or cause damage/loss to others. If someone's action or omission causes such a loss by damaging another's property, subject to some statutory exclusion or other liability defence, it seems to me that such a person would then be liable to make that other person "whole", by compensating for the loss/damage. The argument, presumably, would then be the replacement value of the property destroyed, but I would think liability would be pretty clear. I also suspect that the offering-price for the brand new object, i.e. the one at the store where the damage was done, would be pretty good evidence of the replacement value; i.e. damages owing.
  3. StoneMtn


    As I recall you had a couple hundred cans.
  4. StoneMtn


    My favourite invitation to dine ever: Velvet (circa 1995) - "Can I offer you a mock-SPAM sandwich?" (I declined.)
  5. I love That 1 Guy; especially live. "They look so cute but don't be fooled by birds!"
  6. I think I'll just bump this post every couple weeks and see if anyone responds. I suspect I'll have better luck closer to the date.
  7. Can anyone tell me where to be in Toronto that night to see live music? It could even just be a bar where a great house band plays on Thursdays.
  8. Karl D can funk up any venue, every time. He's blown me away every show I've seen. Awesome news for Hillside.
  9. Why would he not be allowed?
  10. A little voice in my head. Enough out of you!
  11. Here's a review of this show. Unfortunately for this guy, it was his first Ween show, but he still had a good time!
  12. Ya! That was the magic I saw. hahaha So glad I went.
  13. They played (together) from 8:15 to about 10:05. Then they abandoned Gener, who bumbled around until about 10:30. The venue would have wanted them done by 11, and would have let them push an encore for maybe another 15 minutes after that, so I figure we missed 45 minutes; tops. I don't care what anyone says. That was awesome! Totally worth the trip down to Vancouver. hahahaha
  14. Ya. I wasn't going to speculate, but he did spend about 15 minutes lying down while the band kept trying to jam their way out of Reggae Junkie Jew, and whenever they almost did, he would reach over, grab the mic, and yell "Jew!" It was actually hilarious, and I got covers of Ace of Spades and Let's Dance, as well as a My Own Bare Hands, so I'm happy.
  15. I just saw Ween play. I've seen them quite a lot, but tonight was even weird for Ween. Basically, I'm pretty sure that Gener pissed off the rest of the band, so they walked off and let him play on his own. He screwed around with a guitar for awhile, singing and even trying to play some semblance of guitar-solos. It was ridiculous. (Frankly, I thought it was comedy relief.) Eventually he said, "I'm hoping the band comes back and joins me on this one." They didn't. So, he said, "Well, thank you Vancouver. Goodnight!"
  16. I don't think I've ever seen a dog with such a convincing smile. Well, it is his party. Rock on!
  17. Actually, my partner does criminal defence, and used to prosecute. Every time these things happen and he hears about it, he asks, "Oh, who was it, ____". (He can usually guess within two or three tries.)Small towns.
  18. Well, at least now I know why an unmarked cop car was staked out at the end of my front lawn, with others positioned around my street, when I awoke last Saturday. Gotta love my neighbours... Hostage Hoax
  19. So, you're suggesting they fine the crows instead?
  20. I love that their own manager apparently couldn't think of that one.
  21. Maybe it's just my limited knowledge,or perhaps my imperfect memory, but I have been trying to think of songs written about, or dedicated to New Years. I can hardly come up with any. I would think they are innumerable. Apart from Auld Lang Syne and one song by U2, can anyone name some? Edit to add: I also just thought of 1999. So, apart from those three, anyone?
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