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need help: making bit torrents


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So I tried to make my first torrent - did everything right according to the maketorrent help thing... The problem is this:

I made the torrent, uploaded it to the tracker - all went well. Then I d'loaded my own torrent file from the tracker successfully and tried to start it so it can seed, but it won't seed, it just sits there all red. (it doesn't recognize that I already have the files on my computer) What's the deal with that?

thanks in advance..

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Hmmm,I see the same show up there twice?.You may have to contact the moderators to remove those and start over or delete the torrent file you currently have,rename the folder and re-torrent it.After a couple weeks of inactivity they are auto removed anyway,neither are visible (right now) to anyone else while there is no seeds,I found them by searching your username there.

I find the easiest way to do torrents is to have a folder titled "Torrents" (for example) and within that I create another folder which is the "show" folder (ie:Themasses2004-10-10),then when I make the torrent I open the "torrents" folder and then the show folder select all files in the show folder and make the torrent,when thats done you are prompted to save the new made torrent file,save it in the "torrents" folder,but not the show folder.So basically the torrent file sits outside the show folder.Then you do the upload on the site,when you download your torrent file (mine is automatic) make sure to save it to the "show folder" not the "torrents" folder,it should then do a "checking exsisting data",once it reads the data in the show folder the seed should start.Your light may remain red or black for a period of time,try refreshing the page until you see yourself as the seed.

Hope that helps,I'm not to familar with Azureus bit torrent program,so I can't help if the problem is on that end.

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thanks esau! Seems like I did everything right, guess I'll wait to see if the tracker sees me as a seeder.

oh, and help yourselves to the torrent everyone...

click here: http://www.easytree.org/torrents-details.php?id=14961

Themasses Thanksgiving Sunday family jam featuring guest vocalist Sheri St. Germain, trumpet player Ravi and drummer Ray from K-Os. Recorded from soundboard.

1. Honeynut

3. The Pile (1st time played)

5. Pariedolia

6. Hugo Ponch

1. Singh Song

4. Northaus

5. Jam w/ Ray on drums (drummer for K-Os)

guest vocalist: Sheri St. Germain

guest trumpet: Ravi

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