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Ottawa -Tonight (Friday Mar 11) Natural Revolution


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Right, so it's a little off topic for this board, and it's a little late to be announcing, but ...

A friend of ours is throwing a party tonight at the Pink NightClub (Old Vibe/Level 2) - 172 Rideau Street. It's $10 at the door, or tickets are available at Norml Clothing & Allegro.

It's a non-profit event with all proceeds going towards the Natural Cancer Treatment for Multiple Mylomia.

The club will be divided into two rooms. Room one will feature house (where you'll find me) and room two will be top 40 (yeah ...)

Room 1:

Mad Boy Matt (funky disco house)

Deedot (party house)

DJ Nodi (progressive, techno, house)

FDM (progressive house)

Room 2:

Josee (hiphop, top 40, R&B)

Martin Le (hiphop, top 40, R&B)

It's a good cause, so if you're into this type of thing, or just looking for something to do other than Shonen Knife, it'd be great to see you out there.

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But Del doesn't like girls.

I believe you're mistaking me for you... d-rawk, I've got your back on the gabber! There's talk of going to a "rave" where they're spinning gabber in one room and whatever else in another... I won't be leaving the gabber room... We'll talk...

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