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JOHN SOUTHWORTH - Tour, New Disc, and Goulash


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I love this guy. He's from Ontario, but is surprisingly not well known, even around that province. His sound reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel, and he is a lot of fun to see live; although not "jammy". Anyway, here's his latest news...

hello, it's me, john southworth...i'm currently hunched over a plate of hot goulash and a keyboard trying to express myself with literate and rational sentences...not easy...ok, first off, how are you?

some recent developments -

1)'YOSEMITE' is going to be re-released in stores etc in Canada late May/early June on Maplenationwide/Universal complete with lovely new artwork and packaging...for those of you who don't live in Canada, it means that you will possibly soon be able to purchase the record at a better price in the AMAZON rainforest or from the Barnes and Noble traders upland or perhaps The East India Company when the ships come in, or on a dusty Roman road filled with the kings's spies...no, no, no, no, no!...make sense you fool!

3)The John Southworth Canadian Railroad Tour is fast approaching...see dates at www.johnsouthworth.ca ...I am quite excited about this adventure, this grand Art Adventure I should say...I plan to visit as many train terminals as possible and shake the hands of hardworking railway men and women everywhere, all the while planting pumpkin and turnip seeds coast to coast!...please come out to a show or wave hello as I pass through your small town...a detailed train/tour schedule will be posted later on the site...also...I will be traveling with a wild german expressionist/travel mag film maker, with the hopes of making a little cinematic magic out of the hoopla.

2)A new record?...yes...i have been recording again with my band (Jean Martin, Andrew Downing, Justin Haynes)...hundreds and hundreds of songs...who knows when it will be ready ...also, i've been co-writing songs with Canadian pop madman Hawksley Workman (he produced 'SEDONA ARIZONA') for his upcoming record and having a grand 'ol time.

Maybe I'll see you down the line, or bump into your canoe down stream or hot air balloon above the alps very soon,



p.s - i hate cold goulash.

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