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Any Guitar Teachers out there?


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I take lessons at the Ottawa folk centre. I take lessons from Doug Guthro, member of the John Henrys and hes a great teacher. I think you are the guy I met at the spades show, shainhouses friend, who goes to carleton. The folk centre is really close to carleton as well, located at bank and sunnyside. They have plenty of other teachers there as well, including velvet, so just give them a call and see if you can book some lessons.



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I agree with what Jakis said.

I think I have a spot that just opened up somewhere. At the Folklore Centre I go under a code name: Todd.

They're at 730-2887.

For basic rock guitar gawd-dom I would recommend me or Doug, for blues Tony or Jeff, for classical or weird theory based stuff Kurt, for flamingo it would be James.

I can't say enough good stuff about OFC. Get lessons there whatever you do.

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