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OM Festival...from london


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i thought i posted about this earlier but something must have screwed up or i just can't see it...

anyone from the london area interested in going to the OM summer solstice festival in killaloe should contact me ASAP regarding the bus trip. From Mars isn't selling tickets anymore. if you're interested, the discounted bus ticket is 80 bucks down from the gate price of 120. if you're coming with us, the price of transportation is 40 bucks. that's gate. we'll likely provide something nice too. water or food but i'll have to see how it works out.


it should be killer! picture 4500 happy kids looking to party with a myriad of elevctronic and organic music, attend workshops on issues ranging from globalization, DIY and tantric sex, and have a good weekend in general.

sorry about the short notice but i'll need the money in by the 9th of june. the bus discount part anyway...but i'll also need a deposit on the bus...20 bucks. so a hunderd bucks in about a week and a half(a bit less)

I don't have the internet at home so please CALL ME at 433-1733 (519 area code). if you're interested and you're not in london you can either get a ride to london or go to the OM site and hit THEIR messageboard.

i'm really looking forward to this. it should be a great time.

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