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trey show last night...


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at teh warfield, setlist looks really good, adn my buddy was tellin me about treys lil speech in the 2nd set, apparently he talked for a while about phantasytour.com and how lame it is for ppl to talk shit on teh net...

i agree but heres a quote


All the songs were solid. Dazed and Confused was hot and Spices was interesting. Made much more so by Trey speech. Basically he said that after he debuted it at Hammerstein that he went on line (which he said is rare) and read a site called Phantasy Tour. He said that he saw a thread about Spices where someone said something along the line of "It just a bunch of chords". He made fun (jokingly...not really serious) of the fact that it was mostly a bunch a guys that complain. So he decided to explain why he was playing it. Which was, that like Pebbles and Marbles (the previous song) Spices started out as an acoustic guitar song that he played with TAB but was then played by Phish. So he promised that he would play it at Shoreline so we could see it evolve.

this goes well with some trey interview in guitar world i read last night, trey saying how they really try to play to the audience, but they cant listen to what that audience says on msg boards and other online chats.

i duuno just phood for thought i guess

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