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  1. oh and if anyone here does go check it out, you should try out the new grass-fed burger joint at spadina and king, Randys hamburgs, they make all their own condiments, its set up like shit but the foods p[retty good. there will probably be a nice 30 minute wait today though
  2. comp golds? i would go. -5 or not, thats a couple hundred bucks of tix for free! we were thinking about it but will probably sit this one out, hopefully next year they will do another one
  3. My aunt came up from florida last summer with a few hot pepper relishes that she had made, one was nice, habaneros and cayennes, the other was ridiculous, it had a half a ghost pepper in a bug glass jar of the relish and it was so dang hot it was unreal. i stuck to the habanero one most of the day, i like a flavourful hot rather than a burn your ass out hot myself. funny youtube clip
  4. So my awesome wifey got me 2 tickets to this lingerie football at Copps tonight in Hamilton. Best wife ever? definitely. any one else going to this thing? anyone seen this before? should be a fun night out either way.
  5. once home depot and lwoes staretd selling those power tool combo packs, everyones a contractor now. it depends on what you need done maybe i can help you out. maybe shoot me a pm or something if you want
  6. agreed. Harper wanted this election more than anyone else. he shouldnt have even been able to run for office again after being found in contempt IMHO, if this was the US, thank God is isnt, but if it was, he woulda been fined heavily and maybe jailed? thats a good start hahah
  7. Tooly

    Best TV

    i love Fringe, its gotta be one of the best shows thats still on tv, hands down. the first 2 seasons were fucking action packed and now in s3 they are really getting into some good storylines. cant beat seeing the old man walter all dosed up on LSD and smoking nuggys, he is a real hoot. basically, if youve never seen fringe, it makes the xfiles look like they were written by a hugh school kid and fringe is written by astrophycisists. something like that anyways and trublood, hilarious show im downloading a season now, some cartoon with jason bateman, looked good in the reviews anyways, Sit down and Shut up, anyone seen it before? its a cartoon
  8. yeah man fuck that whole live and let live forgiveness shit, that shits for pussies yeeeehawwwwww
  9. boo urns. 4 more years of a robot with lego hair governing us. what really grinds my gears is all these religious and christian folks who think harper is a great guy, how can you not see what he is doing to Gods great creations? GMO foods and animals? whats so wrong with gods creations that they have to be messed with so badly that cows cant walk because their udders are so swollen with milk they are dripping puss? that GMO crops are now crossbreeding in the wild because they were introduced too soon? and what about this whole Bill C 6?? fucking bullshit. heres hoping that the tories actually get some good done in the next term, i dont really see it but hey, im just one man.
  10. iver grown shitakes off a log at home, they were great, but we didnt get anywhere near what they said we would. cant remember where it was from, i remember a mushroom farm around here in ontario, wylies or something, ill have to look. i alllllways had much better luck with the magic than the shitakes or portos but hopefully next year will turn that around. i also saw a little seedpack type pouch at terra greenhouses, it was colonized mushroom spawn, you just have to sprinkle it in some manure or woodchips and keep it wet all summer, they came in a few different types.
  11. i got marco to sign a copy of that record he was selling, good enough for me!
  12. that video is ridiculous! gonna try harder to get there this year
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