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the bomb in the baby carriage was wired to the radio


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Bombs in the markets.

US exodus? When?

20 yrs seems about right - tail between legs.

What could a change in government from Republican to Democratic do if anything?

Fascinating how Viet Nam'ish this is.

Has anyone seen Fog of War? You need to.

It really helps put current day war into perspective and how backward logic lead to a long drawn out conflict.


Viet Nam saw the war as a fight for independance, the US thought the Viet Namese were trying to preserve communism.

Iraq wants independance from foreign occupation, the US won't even acknowledge that they are occupying the formerly independant middle east country.


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the US believed they were trying to preserve communism

I think you don't mean this ...

Thanks for the post. Sad story.

The new surge of violence before an Oct. 15 referendum on Iraq's constitution has killed at least 194 people, including 13 U.S. service members, in the past five days.

How strange ... and CNN only mentions huricanes.

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