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Fat Cats 1996-10-19 Victoria


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For anyone keeping score at home, heres the next Fat Cats show now up a archive.

Fat Cats


Victoria, BC


Waiting For Spring

Harder They Come

Might Have Benn Somthing

Absolute Route

Weary Song

Cats Under The Stars

Ain't It Easy

Run Back Home

Three Little Birds

Burden & Misfortune

Too Many Choices > Maracas


You > Climb > Cookin' > You

Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox



I'm still working with archive to figure out what happened to the 1996-10-12 show, sadly its looking like I'll have to re-upload that one.

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Cheers & thanks. Much more on the way.

It appears I've discovered the issue with [color:red]1996-10-12. It looks like I forgot to dither the 24 bit transfer (side B or d1t07,d2t01,d2t02,d2t03,d2t04) to 16 bit before I uploaded, so I'm going be re-transfering the show & replace the one currently on archive now. If all works out the corrected show will be available within the next day or so.

Although, for anyone who may have downloaded the show ( [color:red]1996-10-12 ), all will work fine if you convert the FLACs to WAV (16 bit), but as it stands the MP3s & Oggs will not work until the show is replaced.

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