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"Mr. Previte's pieces are thoroughly, stubbornly, and distinctly his own...

the music copies nothing." THE NEW YORK TIMES


Richard's on Richards

1036 Richards Street

DOORS 8:00 pm SHOW 9:30 pm

"The Coalition of the Willing, is a new and exciting powerhouse machine pulling together musicians from different worlds to play Previte's twisting, hard hitting tunes."

Featuring the legendary Charlie Hunter, putting aside his eight string guitar to pick up a six string for the first time in years; Steve Bernstein, the leader and genius behind Sex Mob, on trumpet; Marco Benevento (from/The Duo), the paradigm shifting soundmaster on Hammond Organ; also guest starring Skerik, tenor saxophone electro wizard of Critters Buggin', Les Claypool, and countless others; and leading the Coalition charge, Bobby Previte on drums.

"The wildest bar band on the planet" - Sydney Morning Herald


$25.00 Advance Tix @ Ticketmaster, Zulu and Highlife, and www.upstreamentertainment.com

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Bobby Previte, Charlie Hunter, Marco Benevento, Skerik.


Brooklyn, NY -- In the great tradition of electric guitar-fueled instrumental rock, Bobby Previte's "super bar-band" Coalition of the Willing strikes the West Coast this May for their first ever U.S. tour in support of their self-titled debut album on Ropeadope. The visionary New York City-based drummer Previte has enlisted Charlie Hunter on guitars, Marco Benevento on keyboards and Skerik on saxophones. They'll launch the 15-city tour on May 10th in Bellingham, WA and conclude the run with a record release party and performance in New York City at Tonic on May 25th. Having recently wrapped a string of European dates that took them through five countries and earned rave reviews, the Coalition is primed and ready for what are sure to be some of the most rockin' and musically mind-blowing shows to hit the West Coast this Spring.


05.10 | The Nightlight Lounge | Bellingham, WA

05.11 | Richards on Richards | Vancouver, Canada

05.12 | Tractor Tavern | Seattle, WA

05.13 | Aladdin | Portland, OR

05.14 | Domino Room | Bend, OR

05.15 | WOW Hall | Eugene, OR

05.16 | Mobius | Ashland, OR

05.17 | Crystal Bay Club | Crystal Bay, NV

05.18 | Harlowes | Sacramento, CA

05.19 | The Mystic Theater | Petaluma, CA

05.20 | Independent | San Francisco, CA

05.22 | Kuumbwa | Santa Cruz, CA

05.23 | Soho | Santa Barbara, CA

05.24 | The Mint | Los Angeles, CA

05.25 | Tonic | New York, NY

Composer and drummer Bobby Previte's star has been on the rise as of late. A legend of New York City's improvisational music scene, his work has ranged from theater scores to experimental electronic recordings; from chamber music to the power punk-jazz trio, The Beta Popes. He's most recently received critically acclaim for Groundtruther, a duo comprised of he and Charlie Hunter.

Bobby Previte's music will continue to be discovered by new audiences as he launches the improvisational super group, Coalition of the Willing. They are coming to a town near you and accepting new members at every turn. And look for East Coast tour dates later this year, as well.

Not convinced yet? Wanna hear 'em? Listen here.

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There will be two sets and an interesting opening to the evening...Bobby Previte contacted me personally and had 8 different big name directors (of videos/films etc) produce videos of each songs off the album The Coalition of The Willing. So to begin the evening, we will play the 8 videos from the 8 directors of the album. I'm sending out a post right now and it will have more info in the post. Stay tuned.


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Still playing politics

California's Youth Brigade a musical force for change in the world

Published Date: 2006-05-04 Time: 10:05:36

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Youth Brigade

When: Monday, May 8

Where: Garfinkel’s

Tickets: $8

Growing up in the mid to late 1970s, the Stern brothers of Youth Brigade were too young to participate in the rock and roll of the ’60s protest era. By the time they were old enough to pick up a guitar, only the partying, sex and drugs of rock and roll was left over, leaving the world-minded musicians in a wake of love-song-ridden listening.

However, in the late ’70s, the Canadian-born Californians gravitated to a new underground scene emerging in California: a new wave of socially-politically driven music called punk.

"I remember thinking finally here is a music that says something to me," said Shawn Stern of Youth Brigade from his L.A. home.

"If the world was free of social, economic and environmental problems, then I could understand bands sitting around and writing love songs, but the fact of the matter is that this country and world is in trouble. As artists you should be talking about these things. Inspire kids to get active and change things."

In the late ’80s, the Stern brothers wrote about then U.S. President George Bush Senior, now they write about Junior. Not much has changed in Washington. But after 25 years of performing the punk band finally brings their politically-driven music to Garfinkel’s Monday, May 8.

Shawn is never without inspiration. Our interview falls on May Day, when millions of U.S. immigrants walked off their jobs to protest legislation that would crack down on 12 million illegal workers in the U.S.

"They are showing the right wing they can’t keep doing what they are doing," Shawn said. "We can’t keep raping and pillaging cultures in our own country and expect it to survive."

Along with political topics, Youth Brigade also tackles social, environmental and economic issues. Fighting for what they believe in is not only at the crux of their music, but how they operate as well.

Shawn recounts how many club owners didn’t agree with the messaging behind punk music, and finding a record label to produce the music was even harder. As a result, the Better Youth Organization (BYO) record label was born in 1982 to promote alternative music, art and other creative endeavours in a completely independent manner.

"When we started playing music and talking about things with problems that we saw in the world, promoters were interested in doing the punk rock scene back then," he said. "We started having to do our own shows. Put out our own records. We had to do everything ourselves."

BYO has represented more than 60 bands over the years and enabled the release of more than 110 albums, including Youth Brigade’s own: Out of Print, To Sell the Truth, Happy Hour, Come Again, Sink with Kalifornija, and Sound and Fury.

The band celebrates 25 years of bringing their raw-edged energy around the world next year. And while 25 years have passed, the band stays true to its musical roots: a mix of British oi-tinged, chanting punk inspired by Sham 69 and Angelic Upstarts, with California melodic surf-influenced sounds of Bad Religion and Social Distortion.

Youth Brigade will be joined by Wednesday Night Heroes for the double-playbill show.

Tickets are $8 at the door.


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Bobby Previte admits he’s bored by Bobby Previte

By alexander varty

Publish Date: 11-May-2006

May 11th Richards On Richards

Bobby Previte seeks divine guidance, in hopes that his Coalition of the Willing will be victorious in the War on Terrible Music.

You’d think it would be pretty good to be Bobby Previte. Not necessarily on the economic front; it’s never easy making a living as a musician, unless you’re lucky enough to win the pop-star lottery. But creatively speaking, Previte’s gotten to do just about whatever he’s wanted since moving to New York City from Niagara Falls in 1979. He’s led literally dozens of respected bands, collaborated with everyone from saxophonist John Zorn to composer John Adams to sonic shape shifter DJ Logic, and even written a lengthy chamber-music piece based on the paintings of Joan Miró...

Check out the whole article, which was published in today's Georgia Straight.

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