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Femme Generation + The Creeping Nobodies this Thursday


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Rock Crew Productions, CFRC 101.9 FM and Elixir Nightclub present:

Femme Generation

The Creeping Nobodies

Thursday, April 27 - $6 at the door or in advance at www.rockcrew.ca

Femme Generation’s first full-length album Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode was produced by Dave MacKinnon (The Fembots) in the summer of 2005 and saw it's way into people's hands in February of 2006. Recorded in a barn, the album explores new textures and instruments to build upon the raw tones already present in the band's signature sound. Restricting themselves to analog recording and live-off-the-floor takes, the band managed to exploit the atmosphere and natural sounds of their surroundings (including an impromptu Bat Choir). The result is a record that breathes with anachronistic freedom and all the life of a brand new tree fort. Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode was released through Permafrost Records, home of fellow emerging artists Barmitzvah Brothers and Jon-Rae and the River.

Femme Generation's slow formation began in 2002 with Bernard Kadosh (Vocals, Guitar) and Aaron Hutchings (Keyboards) piercing their eardrums in a lonely rehearsal room. By late May 2003 the duo enlisted Paul Filippelli (Drums), a jazz expatriate recently returned from a pan-Asian soul-searching expedition. The group began fusing influences with a revolving door of bassists. With two weeks left until their scheduled recording sessions, a Montreal émigréé answered an ad the day after moving to Toronto. John Rivera (Bass) hopped aboard and began an intense immersion process. The starting point was a sound born of urgency that reached through disparate influences such as The Stooges, The Smiths, Curtis Mayfield, and Talking Heads. The result was 2004's Circle Gets The Square, their debut EP which made the Top 10 discs of 2004 in Toronto.

The Creeping Nobodies are a five-piece from Toronto, Ontario. The past year has been filled with excitement and near constant activity for the band. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

A twelve inch VINYL EP called Half Saboteur was released fall ‘05 by Rob Gordon's Bloodworks Music (also home to No Dynamics). Jeff McMurrich recorded four of the five songs from this release at Halla Music in Toronto. Halla's echoey, high-ceilinged room captured the stark, haunting and slightly unnerving sound of the EP. Original art was provided by James Morrison (Brooklyn, NY), and was individually hand-silkscreened onto the sleeve. The first 150 pressed also include a limited run poster. Every copy of the vinyl is also marked with a band member’s fingerprint on the inside record label.

The fall of 2005 saw the band embark on a three-week tour of the Eastern U.S., playing the Deep South just days after Hurricane Katrina hit. Following the release of the E.P. in October, the band toured with Old Time Relijun in the U.S. and Canada.

In the winter, The Creeping Nobodies returned to Halla Music to record again with Jeff McMurrich. These songs will be released in May on the forthcoming Sound of Joy album, along with 7 others recorded with Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Theoretical Girls, Wharton Tiers Ensemble).

Sound of Joy will be released on Toronto's Blocks Recording Club (Final Fantasy, Ninja High School) which also released the 2004 Creeping Nobodies release Stop Movement Stop Loss. The CD release date is May 2/’06.

Sound of Joy captures the various moods the band has occupied throughout the last 2 years. Overall, there's an emphasis on percussion and rhythm, simple yet striking melodies, slow progressions and sudden changes, and the use of multiple vocals and vocal styles. In the same vein, many of the songs feature members switching to different instruments. In addition to the current 5-piece line-up, James Anderson was also present to add the sounds of metal, glass, paper and wood to many of the songs.

In the immediate future, the band will be playing several shows in Ontario and Quebec, and are planning to tour extensively around the album’s official release date.

(The Populars were originally scheduled to play but apparently their bass player just quit a couple of days ago)


May 4: In-Flight Safety/Raising The Fawn/Small Sins (formerly The Ladies and Gentlemen) at Elixir

May 9: Hawksley Workman at Sydenham Street United Church (all-ages!)

May 9: The Stills w/ The Diableros at Elixir

May 11: Drums & Tuba w/ Dave Lauzon at Elixir

May 17: Moneen w/ guests TBA at The Grad Club (all-ages!)

May 18: Chris Koster & The Lonely w/ Pelt at Elixir

May 25: The Jimmy Swift Band w/ Will Hoge at Elixir

June 22: Danny Michel at Elixir

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I'll vouch for The Creeping Nobodies. They are a fascinating band and put on some crazy high-energy performances. Their leader Derek Westerholm is an interesting, intelligent and slightly introverted dude - tell him I said that Skelter. I'd be all over this show if I were in Kingston this Thursday.

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