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Car Dealership problem


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My neighbor just bought a van 2 weeks ago.

There is a problem with the steering.

They won't take it back and will fix it when GM recalls it.They say its not a safety issue.

i am not sure they even know what the problem is.

I do believe there is a law where you have 30 days to return a vehicle.

He is now saying he has to get a lawyer to settle the issue.

My advice is he shouldn't have to pay a lawyer to take this vehicle back.

I would take it back to them and make such a fuss when they have customers in the store that they would do something.

Does anyone know about the 30 day return policy.I thought I did but he said no they won't take it back because they will fix it whenever.

He will never feel the same about the van if they do.I know I wouldn't.

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i used to sell used cars. I know there are some laws like that to protect the car buyer but i'm not sure what the are.

there is somethimg called the no lemon policy, that says something along the lines of , If you buy a used car and for some reason its a lemon, the dealer has to give you back your money.

I'm sure there is somthing to cover new cars too. Try looking for the canadian car dealership association

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make sure all this stalling they are doing doesn't put your neighbour over the alleged 30-day limit, if that's what it is. sounds like a good technique to get out of a bad sale on a technicality.

wouldn't hurt your neighbour to put some things in writing, and to look up Lemon Laws for the province you live in.

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