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  1. Free Barr Brothers show at City Hall / Jazzfest at noon Saturday (today, now) info fo straight from Jazzfests Twitter
  2. AD

    Cityfolk 2016

    Guided by Voices! New Pornographers! Plants and Animals! The rest is meh.
  3. AD

    Gord Downie

    That is likely true too. I just want him to see as many fans as possible and vice versa. Seems like an unbalanced tour either way.
  4. AD

    Gord Downie

    You're right of course, but the rhetoric from the press conference implied they don't intend to half ass this. The words were "mind blowing." Probably doesn't seem mind-blowing for anyone outside a 4-hour radius of Toronto.
  5. AD

    Gord Downie

    If Gord is as fit to tour as they say his is, this is a pretty weak tour. I hope it's just the first dates announced. Some good things to add: 1. Canada Day on Parliament Hill 2. Montreal / Quebec City. Maybe Plains of Abraham? 3. Eastern Canada - I imagine Magnetic Hill or the Citadel would be good places to hit if this is the last tour. 4. More western dates - 6 shows in southern Ontario, 5 shows to the west of there? Doesn't seem right I dunno. They're a massive massive Canadian band, and if he's healthy enough to tour, they should try
  6. Rubin and Cherise is my favourite as well. I hope this album gets a whole ton of deadheads into Bonnie Prince Billy as there's such great similarities (very generally) in songwriting between Jerry and Bonnie, in my totally uneducated opinion compared to some of the others posting in this thread. Bonnie has such a large back catalog to discover, I hope that draws him to Heads as well.
  7. I sent a pm yesterday but can't find it anywhere on this site, so I dunno if it was delivered or not. Let me know if you got it either by emailing or texting or if not, replying here. Thanks
  8. Ok Todd, it's yours. I'll pm you later. Sorry POG, I'm moving this week and am clearing everything out otherwise I would've held onto it for you.
  9. I've got this Phish Dec 31 2002 poster, framed, free to a good home in Ottawa. I'd prefer you pick it up. It must go this weekend or before next Wednesday at the latest or it goes to Value Village http://i.imgur.com/lRTuIpG.jpg
  10. There's a decent amount of camping available for Coachella and Stagecoach, so I imagine they'd use the same template for these concerts. It works, so why not?
  11. Well, putting aside that The National (who are the worst) put this together, it looks like it could be a pretty interesting listen. From Exclaim.ca Way back in 2011, members of the National started working on a tribute compilation honouring the music of the Grateful Dead, and now full details for the Day of the Dead box set have been revealed. The whopping 59-track, five-hour-plus box set is due out on May 20 via 4AD.Originally rumoured to feature contributions from Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Steve Reich, additional collaborators like Stephen Malkmus, the War on Drugs, the Walkmen, Ku
  12. Apparently Prince is playing Place des Arts Monday night. Tickets on sale tomorrow.
  13. Seems like the 13 minute advertisement on CBC radio generated some further word-of-mouth advertising on the internet. First single is called Surprise Surprise - VIA Rail promoting these events as Surprise shows. "@stevenpage will surprise his fans in some of our train stations this week to launch his new album." One Reddit commenter said "Thanks for this, we stopped by and it was great! Played some old classics, and it was just him and a guitar, not even a mic."
  14. It's obviously a gimmick to promote his new album, like many many bands do. A year ago he played the studio at the NAC and he still plays good venues and shows.
  15. AD

    Barr Bros Ramble

    Barr Bros are doing a Midnight Ramble on May 6. Can't find any more info right now, but thought some would like to know.
  16. AD

    Forums upgrade

    It'd be cool if there was an update that would kill gif-only replies.
  17. Monahan said on CBC this morning that all headliners for all days of programming have been announced. So as of now it looks like there's a 2 day break. I imagine he's working like crazy to fill the place for another night though.
  18. I talked to Tom yesterday, him and the Heartbreakers can't wait to play here this summer.
  19. AD

    Wayhome Festival??

    Hehe. I'm a couple albums behind on him so perhaps it's gone downhill. Or were you never a fan from the start Sean?
  20. AD

    Wayhome Festival??

    Not worth a whole new thread, but interesting to note that Ray Lamontagne is touring this year with MMJ (minus Jim James) as his backing band. That oughta be pretty good.
  21. That is some serious wishful thinking!
  22. Gonna wait til the $ummer festival$, I'm sure that's why they're getting back together. Glad this is happening though!
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