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Jack Johnson Oro Thoughts??

Irie Guy

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Anyone else go to the show last night. From what we saw it seemed pretty well organized. Mind you we got to the park at approx. 8pm and chilled to the back and side with our lil ones.

We headed to the parking lot at approx. 10:30 to beat the rush out. Funny what having kids will make you do. Seems like getting out could have quickly turned into a clusterfuck. I can't imagine stumbling drunk down Hwy 11 in the dark to the adjacent campgrounds either.

Big space though it would be interesting to see this venue utilized more for shows.

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We had a good time. It was packed, no idea how many people were there but there was a lot! (it was a very Abercrombie and Fitch crowd, which was kinda weird for me). We got there early and saw all the opening acts. The first two were so so, solo acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. I thought Rogue Wave were right on. I don't think they played to such a huge crowd before. They seemed a little nervous at first, but by the end of their set they had the crowd into it and ready for Jack. Turns out the lead singer for Rogue Wave and JJ go back a long way as friends and apparently started going to shows together when they were 19. He came out later in the show and played a tune with JJ that was really tight. Probably the show highlight for me. They should play together more, last night was the first time they shared a stage.

Getting there early may have been a bit of a mistake though, it took us two bloody hours to get out of the parking lot, it would have been even longer if I didn't decide to start maneuvering and cutting into the lines that were moving.

For that huge a field I wish they had of used delay towers cause when you were out back in the beer tent area there was a noticeable lag between lip movement on the screens and when the sound hit my ears. That was annoying so we moved up about to about 100 feet from centre stage. I thought the set was pretty cool looking. I also liked that Jack played the electric guitar ( a beautiful red hallow body Gibson). I tell you what, he was pretty good on it too, even blasted out some pretty impressive solo's on it.

One more thing, the ladies like the Jack Johnson. 'nuff said.

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