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  1. https://relix.com/articles/detail/interview-dave-schools-remembers-neal-casal-and-todd-nance
  2. Yep, I get you. Plus, I'll take all the posts anyone cares to make! Sorry I can't be of any help though. But yeah, as bouche said Irene's is great and I think they do have an open mic night but I don't know which night that is. In other news, it appears that I picked the right year to move to a remote island and stop going to concerts!
  3. There's lots of box stores? Hehe
  4. Sorry, I'm really not aware of anything cool in the Alta Vista area. (It's a residential area)
  5. Rage Against the Machine 7/17
  6. phorbesie


    Never lost power, thank goodness!! Impressed. Wind was totally nuts. The lane had well over a metre of snow, but it got cleared yesterday and i went to the grocery store today!! Velvet was/ is visiting his mom in FL and hasn't been able to get home. He would love to be here logging about the storm!
  7. phorbesie


    Radiohead Public Library! Radiohead have launched a new online archive of their work, called Radiohead Public Library, as well as releasing previously unavailable rarities to streaming services. Hosted at radiohead.com, the site features archival material grouped around each of the band’s nine studio albums, including music videos, live TV performances, artwork and the group’s quarterly w.a.s.t.e. newsletter series. It also links to the frequently bizarre, nightmarish and labyrinthine previous iterations of their website. “Radiohead.com has always been infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable,” the band wrote on Twitter. “We have now, predictably, made it incredibly informative.” Visitors can create a downloadable library card, featuring a QR code that takes the holder to the website for data protection initiative GDPR. Out-of-print T-shirt designs from each era of the band’s history can be custom-made via the site. Each of the five band members will curate a selection of the archival material on their social media channels this week. The band have also uploaded songs that were previously unavailable on streaming services, including their first ever release, 1992’s Drill EP; the 2005 song I Want None of This from charity compilation Help! A Day in the Life
  8. It was my first time on the cruise. It was a great opportunity to see a lot of current jambands that I wouldn't otherwise be seeing. It was a ton of fun and we saw a lot of music, but it was a marathon! I got seasick too. I recommend doing it for sure, but I don't think I'll go back right away. The vibe is super though, it's very laid back and not at all sketchy
  9. Caught a few CATS sets with Eric Krasno on Jamcruise. He did a great job, very enjoyable. I still prefer to listen to their albums at home rather than in a live setting; it's just too mellow for a live show for me.
  10. Have fun! I went to Providence and Nassau. Two shows were okay but the middle show (second night Provy) was awesome. Silliness, jams, and so much fun.
  11. it's surprising to hear that (as his best friend) he did not have any inkling of knowledge regarding depression or anything of the sort. So a random suicide? i have never heard of this. I know that depresson meds themselves can cause suicidal thoughts, maybe he was on some such med and no one knew? It's very scary. It must be so torturous for his loved ones to have no idea what happened.
  12. Glad you had a good time! We bailed on going due to the long drive and it looks like traffic was indeed a shItshow https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/rolling-stones-burls-creek-concert-ends-in-traffic-nightmare
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