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  1. phorbesie

    Psychedelic Sundaes first-ever gig at Irene's

    Looking forward to this!
  2. phorbesie

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

  3. phorbesie

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

    They were selling the $119 and the $179 tickets concurrently. It's the same lawn ticket!! It's crazy.
  4. phorbesie

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

    Just had the same thing happen. And when I did get 119s, it said i could not purchase tickets with my device. Grr.
  5. phorbesie

    Bluesfest 2019

    P Funk? Random guess
  6. phorbesie

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

    Hmm. Sounds like a hassle.
  7. That was amazing. Wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't heard of this group but they were tight, energetic and fun, and Kevin looked like he was having a blast, just like old times
  8. phorbesie

    King Gizzard in Montreal

    FYI...if you go through the ticket link on the band's webpage, it will tell you it's sold out, but if you go through Ticketbastard you can buy tix (for more money of course)
  9. phorbesie

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    I have a couple of extra good field seats for Fenway to trade for anything inside the building at SPAC night 2 or Mohegan night 2
  10. phorbesie

    Fyre Festival

    Ha...as i watched her in the doc i said exactly that...'this lady is gonna make a fortune on gofundme' found the Netflix doc very entertaining and ridiculous as well. Haven't watched the other one yet.
  11. phorbesie

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    Booche, I'm shocked that TM would offer anything free to anyone ever! Wow. I'm just as shocked that you didn't take them up on it. WTF!
  12. phorbesie

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    Terrible. Just as bad if not worse than ever. I'm sorry that this always has to be such a stressful and crappy experience. Seeking both SPAC shows and Mohegan night 2. Gotta hope for a re-release a few weeks before the show.
  13. phorbesie

    Phish Summer Tour '19

    We received codes! Thanks!