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  1. Have fun! I went to Providence and Nassau. Two shows were okay but the middle show (second night Provy) was awesome. Silliness, jams, and so much fun.
  2. it's surprising to hear that (as his best friend) he did not have any inkling of knowledge regarding depression or anything of the sort. So a random suicide? i have never heard of this. I know that depresson meds themselves can cause suicidal thoughts, maybe he was on some such med and no one knew? It's very scary. It must be so torturous for his loved ones to have no idea what happened.
  3. Glad you had a good time! We bailed on going due to the long drive and it looks like traffic was indeed a shItshow https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/rolling-stones-burls-creek-concert-ends-in-traffic-nightmare
  4. Limo to a Phish show sounds dreamy...nice work.
  5. FYI After-funk is playing at the Orbit Room post show. Not sure if/where other aftershows are happening?
  6. Hopefully Trey ends up realizing that NW's tickets are totally worth the cost of admission and shit gets lit
  7. Tour postponed Get well Mick!
  8. When Jazzfest leaves you wishin', It's time to go Phishin'
  9. The MSG rumours are going around again.... July 17-20. Guess we'll find out fairly soon if it's true or not. i've already committed to seeing Kim Mitchell that week though . Velvet is super excited about it!
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