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South By South Best (tunes from SXSW)


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A buddy of mine culled through the available tracks from this year's South By South West and put together this package of 100 notable songs.

Link to torrent provided. Hang around and help seed for bonus karma.

Welcome to South-By-South-Best 2009 (SXSB), my top 100 picks from the 1267 songs available for download on the SXSW 2009 site.

Firstly, many thanks to the artists who made their songs available freely. Also massive thanks to the Home of the (UNOFFICIAL) SXSW 2009 Torrent where you can one-stop-shop all these gems.

1. Naturally, there was more chaff than wheat. After much deliberation I decided capping @ 100 could produce a more worthwhile and manageable package. Thus, many a memorable tune or shining talent had to be thrown overboard, kicking and screaming in fact, often my left hand would try to prevent my right from hitting the delete button.

2. I had all my friends as an audience in mind, so I included all genres, with no overall preference given to rock, bluegrass, trance, electrorock, etc. Unless you enjoy every genre of music you'll probably only appreciate about 30-70% of these. They're not in any order, no rhyme or reason.

3. Once in a while there's a seemingly humdrum number, but it remained because maybe something happened, like a backing instrumentalist did something so cool that I just couldn't cull it (e.g., listen to the phrasing of the slide guitar throughout We Will Rise Up by We Are Balboa, especially near the middle)

4. I spared some novelty tracks the axe on merit of cheap laughs, including Hipster Girl by MC Lars, a modern day take on Zappa's Valley Girl. There's also a plucky–but otherwise plain–tribute to vinyl records called Viva La Vinyl. There were a couple times I had to make a similar exception for musical nerditude (e.g., if anyone's wondering why Inner Voice by Intuitive Music Orchestra made it in, it's not because I think it's a mind-melting, must-hear free-jazz interpretation of the human psyche, it could be I guess, but I more admired the level of musicianship that went into the later bits of the vocals, they're Yma Sumac-esque).

I hope you enjoy,



Hopefully the torrent works for you. If you really really want it but can't do bittorrent for whatever reason, I can provision a limited number of direct downloads.

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