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pepper jack and surly young bucks shirts


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just posted this over on stille but though some of you guys might be interested too... i have some of these shirts left. help keep them out of my musty basement please :-)

Bucks shirts also mention waxmannequin, terra lightfoot, richard laviolette and PJC farewell:

Guys, black shirt with off-white ink - one small,a couple medium, one large and a few XL left.

Girls fitted, dark brown shirt with off white ink - a couple medium, one large and a couple XL left.

PJC farewell shirts - spiral text with over 100 bands listed, i can't remember how many:

guys, blue shirt with dark blue ink - a few small medium and large left.

girls brown on brown i only have one left, large.

fyi the girls' shirts fit kinda small so you might be ok with one size up.

i'd like to get ten bucks a shirt since i funded it all out of pocket (including mis-print losses and drunks-spilling-beer-into-entire-bag-of-shirts losses) - but if you convince me you are poorer than me then we can probably arrange a deal. I guess it's easiest to email me through the bike shop or just drop in sometime - bikehounds.ca

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