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  1. Sweet. I mean, the idea is stolen from the Super Furry Animals' Rings Around the World video but the interactivity is cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhCcBTux5f8r
  2. have you gone down to Dalton's shop on james north? he may have speakers/turntables in your price range and they would have been checked over before sale...
  3. Can I make the same argument about not paying my income tax? Laws don't count if it's not that much money...
  4. Ya I'd take the bike option, myself!
  5. Wow, at $300 I think I'd be spending the entire show worrying about whether I was getting enough entertained for the price! For the price of a pair of tickets you could buy a shitty car. Or a pretty decent bike haha
  6. Maybe now all of the buildings he owns in downtown hamilton (and that he let sit vacant and rotting over the decades) will be sold to people who give a shit
  7. Time to put Dixie on repeat in headphones and read through this: http://theband.hiof.no/articles/dixie_viney.html
  8. this makes me want to get up and dance.. those harmonies are just amazing. this band has certainly got it TOGETHER!
  9. CFL bulbs are a false economy in terms of dollar value and energy efficiency. First of all, it's not enough to calculate the lumens produced per Watt consumed during use. You have to consider the entire life cycle of the bulb. Manufacturing CFL bulbs is much more energy intensive than incandescent ones - and each bulb has its own mini electronic ballast. The mercury in each CFL is bad enough, but consider the manufacturing process of all of those little circuit boards. Plus, when one dies, if you are a good environmental citizen you don't throw it out. So what do you do - drive somewhere to dispose of it? And what does the person you brought it to do? Ship it to china on a boat to be "disassembled" - and do they recapture the heavy metals or just take the pricey bits out and chuck the rest in their own landfill? You also have to consider functional life. These packages with their sky high life ratings are selling misinformation. CFL bulbs get dimmer over time, and when they fail completely, it is not a simple matter of a filament wearing out - any number of parts in the bulb can fail and cause the entire thing to stop working. Worse, these ratings are based on continuous use - every time you turn one of these off-and-on it shortens the functional life. So you can only trust the quoted lifespan under perfect conditions and only if the bulb is never turned off. CFL makes some sense for applications where the lights are on all the time. For most houses though, it is actually a better environmental and financial choice to stick with incandescent bulbs and simply turn the lights off when you don't need light!
  10. I can't wait to hear the actual call
  11. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I don't think the control panel is working - where do we go to edit profile?
  12. I can imagine how that "brain surgeon juggalo" was found.. J1: Dude! WOOO WOOOOOO! Where are you from? J2: WOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Austin TX!!! J1: WICKED TAT - is that a scalpel!?!? J2: YA DUDE I'm A BRAIN SURGEON HAHAHAHA!! WOOO WOOOOOOOO!! WOOOO!! WOOO WOOOOOOOO! J1: I KNEW BRAIN SURGEONS WERE JUGGALOS!
  13. am i the only one who read this thread title and thought there was a plane crash?
  14. thanks for the tunes. man jack straw is an unreal song
  15. What's a cee-dee? It is called CD-TEXT and wikipedia has some software information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD-Text I was obsessive about ensuring the text was written back when I used to burn audio CDs! EDIT: A lot of software did not have text support because it relied on the drive also supporting it, and it was not a standard feature. THe case may still be the same now. It's probably universally supported on hardware now but I remember having to read drive specs very carefully to ensure any burner I bought would write text..
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