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Sweet berry wine!


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Let's hear what you like to drink. Feel free to let us know about the bargains, the splurges... whatever impresses you.

I'll start.

My buddy brought over a bottle of Reilley's "Old Bushvine" Grenache- 2005 from Clare Valley Aus.

This shit was killer. It goes for $32 at the LCBO, which is a steal for straight grenache. Not cheap, but it drinks like a wine worth twice as much. Open it up an hour or two (or four) before you drink it- or better yet decant. Absolutely awesome. Taste is similar to an amarone.

I just picked up my third bottle in less then a week (yes, I'm a boozer). Sweet Berry Wine!!!!


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Grenache is a grape. It doesn't produce a ton of fruit so it is usually grown in small batches. It is often used as a blend- like in Cote de Rhone.

I like it and thought you might as well.

I know we have had the occasional discussion about wine on here, but seeing as the LCBO is always adding new stuff, I figured an updated conversation might be in order.

I'm guessing not everyone is as down with the vino as I am. Oh well.

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