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  1. "Big Ears Teddy shouldn't see this." may be the creepiest thing ever said by anyone.
  2. It's been a while since I popped in here. Hope everyone is well. We are heading to Vancouver this weekend and are looking for some good restaurants. High end is good but we dig funky asian stuff as well. Any thoughts?
  3. I have this image of Newrider strapped to the mast a la "What About Bob?".
  4. To answer the original question: yes.
  5. Super fun tune! Good luck and I'll keep posting and pass it around to friends.
  6. The fine folks at vice have this to say: Ford's office hired a hacker
  7. jaybone


    Straight fire last night! So much fun. The boys came to play all night long. That was the most complete show I've seen in 3.0. Looking forward to listening to the show for some sober second thought.
  8. I thought they got stronger each show. That Carini from the first night was pretty awesome. Last night's second set was strong. The Tweezer dragged a bit in the middle for me but it started and finished strong. The rest of the set was money. I'm pumped to see them this weekend in Worcester and Hartford! I might head to Rochester tomorrow but only if my wife feel like going. She's sad not to be catching any shows this fall so she might just go for it. The vocals have been pretty rough. Mike's voice has been brutal- he must be sick. Trey's tone also hasn't really been doing it for me. He
  9. Maybe 250 in attendance. That might be the last time we see moe. in Toronto for a while. They came out raging with St Auggie >32 Things.
  10. Very glad I went. Sparsely attended show. Very good music
  11. That should be posted in the "awesome taxidermy" thread.
  12. Just caught up on the last three episodes. So damn good.
  13. Thank you, Hal, for reminding me that there are people on this board even more fucked up then me.
  14. Thank you for my daily reminder that there are some people in this world more fucked up then me.
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