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QOTD What's your best Smart Playlist

boiler rat

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So, this summer I left my 160gb ipod on an airplane. That sucked. So until I decide what to do to replace it (weighing my options) I've kinda hijacked my wife's 4 gb nano. I have also been working to give all of my music a 1-5 star rating. No small task, I'm about a year and 1/2 into the project and I'm not even 1/2 way through. So I came up with this smart playlist so I always have unrated songs on the ipod, automatically. It also automatically populates other playlists every time I sync (ie My Top Rated, 5 star only, etc.)

To make this list was really simple but highly effective:

Rating is less than one star.

Limit to 75 items selected by random

Match Only checked items, checked

Live Updating, checked.

Everytime I give a song a rating, while listening to this playlist, will automatically remove the song from the playlist and replace it with something else. I don't need to have all my unrated songs on the ipod, like I used to have. It's constantly updating itself with new songs and thus always remains interesting.

If anybody else here has any neat smart playlists, please share.

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I think my favourite of the couple dozen smart playlists I have is play count = 0

I also have every song tagged by country of origin since I'm a geography nerd so I can easily whip up a smart playlist of songs from 1992 Germany that I haven't heard

yet that are comedy etc etc etc.

Smart playlists are such a good invention

I also use them to keep track of tagging that is incomplete. Ie I have lists that update if songs are missing genre, artist, date, etc. Good for organizing.

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